The Brain and The Reality!

 21 May
 2055 Bishop Street - H3G 2E8 - Montreal - Canada
 CafelittMontreal Cafelitt
For years and years the Homo sapiens were in search of reality, truth, verity or other relative concepts. The illusion of discovering the absolute truth has triggered battles between the individuals and tribes whether around a table or in the front line. Philosophers, theologists, thinkers and activists, have published millions of pages on the truth, reality and the meaning of life, chiefly without considering the machinery of their perception. Given this, it is perhaps not surprising that the content of our skulls were regarded as relatively unimportant for centuries. When Egyptians mummified their dead, they scooped out the brains and threw it away, yet carefully preserved the heart. Arstotle thought the brain was the radiator for cooling blood. René Descartes gave it a little more respect and concluding that it was a sort of antenna by which spirit might commune with the body. It is very recent that we revealed some of the functions of the brain and its role in perception. At the most basic level, we don’t really perceive separate objects at all - we perceive our nervous systems’ responses to a boundless flow of electromagnetic waves and biochemical reactions. Our brains slot certain neural response patterns into sensory pathways we call “sight,” “smell” and so on - but abilities like synesthesia and echolocation show that even the boundaries between our senses can be blurry. The reality is the perception. In this session, we will stumble on the machinery of the perception; the brain, some of its mechanism, abilities and bugs and try to show how defective are these perceiving tools and how subjective is the “absolute reality”.

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