22 May
 Camp Keewanee
 Leyden Rd - 01301 - Greenfield - United States
 The Big Sway
It's that time of year again, where lovers of music, camping, and half-way decent vibes come together in sunny and green Greenfield, MA for 3-4 days of hippy-hey-day-carnival-madness-re-enactment. Essentially it's like Woodstock for people who missed it in the 60's, because they just weren't alive yet (and some who were!). Anyways, it's a good time for people of all ages. Little bit of something for everyone. Did I mention it's a raging party of around 10,000 people for 4 days straight?? Yea, things can get weird, but the times you'll actually remember, you'll never forget. THE BIG SWAY headlines VERNVILLE STAGE on Friday night, May 22nd, at 9pm to kick the weekend off with a bang for all you merry festival-lovers, then can be found hanging loose and "trying to stay out of trouble" all weekend! !!!!!TICKETS!!!!! We've got them. FOR YOU! They're $120 for full weekend access to all 6 stages, wooded camping, wandering performers, food, art and clothing vendors, and so much more. Here's our sales pitch on tickets, by using a little-used promotional technique: "Honesty...." Buying your festival tickets through a band such as The Big Sway helps the band to raise very much-needed funds which enables them to do awesome things, such as record albums for you to listen to, or put gas in their tanks to drive to play shows for you to come have fun at. Seriously, getting your tickets through The Big Sway is HUGE for us, and we appreciate every single person who helps to support us in our unconventional and often-times difficult journey, as we attempt to continue our contributions to the worlds of The Arts and un-compromised, hard hitting rock'n'roll. Tickets are the same price through us as they are anywhere else, and once the box-office raises their prices as the festival approaches, ours stay the same. AKA, hooray for everyone winning! The Big Sway has representatives in Springfield, Northampton, Boston, Lowell, and surrounding areas, and, within reason, we deliver, or go through paypal/snail-mail, so let us know if you need tickets at or contact your friendly neighborhood Big Sway member to help show us that you appreciate what we do, because in a lot of ways, we do it for you! If you're interested, we'll even throw in a copy of one of our first two EPs: The Cheese, or GODDAMN!! The Big Sway loves playing Strange Creek, and always has an incredible time hanging with our friends, new and old. We're looking forward to a wild time as usual, and sincerely hope you can Join Us! For more info on The Big Sway, visit: For more info on Strange Creek Music Festival, visit: Official Strange Creek Facebook event page: Sway Nation, assemble!!

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