15 May
 Plateau Gallery
 Greenhouse Berlin - Gottlieb-Dunkel Str. 43-44 - 12099 - Berlin - Germany
 Borbala Szente
15 &16th MAY!!!!! IF YOU HAVE A DICK, IF YOU ARE A DICK, If YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DICKS; IF YOU LIKE DICKS IF YOU HATE DICKS; IF YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN A DICK BEFORE AND NOW YOU WANT TO SEE THEM IN NUMBERS; IF YOU ARE CURIOUS HOW THE FUCK CAN PEOPLE DO A WHOLE FESTIVAL ABOUT DICKS, COME TO THE BERLIN DICK FESTIVAL!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!Please read the infos on the bottom of the page!!!!! And bring your own sausage to grill!!!! ON THE 15TH AND 16TH MAY, the Berlin underground finally gets a Dick Festival. From the same crew who brought you the Great Vagina Show, here is yet another genital based art thingy to please you. THE FIRST DAY: FRIDAY 15th MAY from 20h on: exhibition and dick related interactions with and by Ema Discordant, Virginie Bacter, Vivien Esme, Suzan Camlik,Laura Soebenes, Melania Zoda, Lan Hungh, Awer Balu, Chorus tattoo, Oscar Tarks, Lalo Gomes, Rurru Mipanochia, Franzi Carpenter, Dick Smith Designs, , Claudia Brijbag, Mark Winter, Rallitox de la Fe video art: Flavio G Garcia, Saskia Lux, Lan Hungh, and more music and penetrative soundscape Alex Zampini LARGE DICK SCULPTURE WITH AN EJACULATION MACHINE AND MUCH MUCH MORE ~22h DICK CABARET with and by Harvey Rabbit akaHarvey Wallbanger& Betsy, Bobby Blowjob, Borbala and he Four Temptations+God Question, Alfred Penislike, Lady G and her dildo orchestra, the Zac and what he almost lost, the manager of the Hassloch Dick Festival, Dan Stern, Kundalingus and the same sex wedding, genital weightlift by Neo Tantra, and the first coming of the dick you might be surprised , but, yes! dick related entertainment (funny) and sausages by our chef Emanuelle Mutanda security by SOLID TUBE co THE SECOND DAY: SATURDAY 16TH MAY exhibition opens at 21h ~22h: A ritual by BORBALA , THE MAD HOOKERS&Marlen Cat plus the DEVIL IN DRAG the dark ritual sounds brought by Lower Order Ethics and Alex Pastore plus the most crooked CHIP n Dale dance in town special guest Bobby Blowjob and party till we want to party with BOTUR & GAJDA bananas by Emanuele Perry Mutanda Entrance: 5 to 12 euros, plus a package of your favourite sausage we will grill it for ya IMPORTANT!!!! we kindly ask the public to come in dick related outfits or half naked, whatever you feel fits the occasion, but please use your imagination!!! It will make the event even more special!! SO MUCH LOVE SO MANY DICKS; COME AND SEE THE DICK FESTIVAL!!!, Mark Windsor!%

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