The Big Balkan Road Trip :: 16th May 2015

 16 May
 The Balkans
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Let us invite you to a very special trip! 7 countries, 5 capitals, 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 11 towns and cities and innumerous other sights. C I T I E S Budapest::Sarajevo::Mostar::Dubrovnik::Kotor::Tirana::Ohrid::Skopje::Belgrade and more.. The trip will pass through: Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia UNESCO World Heritage sites: Old Bridge Area of Mostar, Old Town of Dubrovnik, Natural and Cultoro-Historical Region of Kotor, Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid Region, Budapest including the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue I T I N E R A R Y Day 0 >>> BUDAPEST (Friday) Guided sightseeing in Budapest (optional) from 14:30 Party in the famous ruin pubs of Budapest, sleeping in hostel (optional) Day 1 >>> SARAJEVO (Saturday) Departure from Budapest at 6:30 Arrival to Sarajevo in the late afternoon hours, visiting the Bascarsija (Ottoman old town), Enjoying crazy nightlife. Night in Sarajevo. Day 2 >>> SARAJEVO, MOSTAR (Sunday) After tasting fantastic fresh Bosnian breakfast in the morning and having a few hours for taking photos we continue our trip toward Mostar, the city famous for its ancient bridge, that made it part of the UNESCO World heritage. You will have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiness of this ancient town. Guided sightseeing and pub crawl! Night in Mostar. Day 3 >>> DUBROVNIK, TIVAT (Monday) Leaving toward Croatia in the beautiful valley of Neretva river. Arrival to Dubrovnik in the early afternoon hours. Time to feel and experience this impossibly beautiful merchant town and its upscale cafes and restaurants. At 22:00 we leave toward the beautiful seaside holiday settlement of Tivat, just in the other side of the border with Montenegro, at the entrance of the Kotor-Bay. Day 4 >>> KOTOR-BAY, KOTOR, BUDVA, TIRANA (Tuesday) We travel around the Kotor-bay, this unique Mediterranean fjord, stop in the town of Kotor surrounded by its medieval city walls and then arrive to Budva, the St. Tropez of the Balkans. Taking photos in Sveti Stefan, the picturesque island-village, now transformed into luxurious resorts. Passing the Albanian border. Our route will pass through the first Albanian town, Skadar that can be a little bit shocking for the first time :) Very-very Balkanic. By the evening we arrive in the modern and colorful Albanian capital, Tirana. You can try another capital's nightlife with local students. Sleeping in hotel in Tirana Day 5 >>> KRUJE, OHRID (Wednesday) After a morning in Tirana our next stop is the intimate Ottoman little town: Kruje. It has fully preserved the architecture of many centuries before. And not just that! It has also preserved the lifestyle of ancient times. You will feel like travelling in time. The town of Kruje is famous also for its bazaar and handcraft shops. You will be able to make a real bargain for souvenirs but for a nice meal as well! After a few hours of travel we cross border in the afternoon hours and soon after arrive to another UNESCO Heritage town. Ohrid lays on the shore of the lake with the same name. The Lake of Ohrid is one of the most ancient lakes on the Earth. It has so unique and ancient flora and fauna that can be compared only to Lake Victoria in Africa and Lake Baikal in Siberia. The town itself has a nice inspiring atmosphere with nice people, a lot of valuable architecture, 100 churches and very, very nice and cheap dining possibilities. During the whole trip you will be shocked by the amount and low price of food anywhere. Sleeping in Ohrid. Day 6 >>> SKOPJE (Thursday) Arrival to Skopje, the capital of the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) in the late afternoon hours. Discovering the old town and the nightlife. Day 7 >>> SKOPJE, BELGRADE (Friday) We leave Skopje at noon to cross the Serbian border in a short time and to travel directly to BELGRADE!!! the serbian capital. The town with maybe the craziest nightlife & funniest people on Earth! We will have possibility to visit Skadarlija (famous bohemian street with a lot of pubs and restaurants) and main shopping street and Kalemegdan (the Fortress) After check in to our hotel we deeply jump in the wild nightlife of some of the underground party boats featuring world class DJs on the Danube in the so called "Silicone Valley" a street full of discotheques, where as said by locals, there is the biggest concentration of Silicone implants on the World :))) You won't sleep a lot this night, we know! Day 8 >>> BELGRADE, LEAVING HOME (Saturday) After sightseeing we would like to invite you to a farewell lunch on one of the traditional boat-restaurants serving the best paprika fish soup. Some of you will finish the trip here, but if you want you can travel back to Budapest where we are expected to arrive after 23:00pm on Saturday. Optional night in Budapest. Very important! Don't book any flight back to your country for this day (Saturday), as we cannot guarantee the arrival time, due to possible border and traffic conditions. P R I C E Total price is now only 265 €/person! Pretty low taking in consideration of participating in a week long road trip hitting 7 countries :) The offer is limited and can be revoked at any time. Hurry up if you'd like to make a bargain! The price includes: - Bus ride from Budapest through all the destinations and sights and back to Budapest - 7 nights in multi bedded hostels. - In most of the hostels the breakfast is included - English speaking tour guide - Farewell lunch - Welcome drinks :) - Entrance fee to selected clubs - Organization costs - An unforgettable experience The price does not include: - Optional nights in Budapest before and after the trip in shared dorms: 15€/night/person - Eventual local tourist taxes: max 1-1,5€/night/person - Eventual visa fees. Visas - if necessary for you - must be applied for by the individual attendee. The organizer refuses any responsibility arising from visa issues, but must provide necessary documents about booking as latest as 30 days before the trip in order to complete visa application. G E T T I N G T H E R E You can start your trip in Budapest or Sarajevo and finish in Belgrade or Budapest. You are advised to buy a flight ticket to one of these cities. You don't have to combine the same departure place the same leaving place. Try to figure out which option is the best for you. If you don't wish to take the whole trip you can join also in any of the cities during the trip! To find best flights we recommend: S I G N - U P & P A Y You can register on the following link: Pay a deposit of 100€ online by credit card and pay the remaining at the trip departure by cash. If you don't have a credit card, just simply ask any of your friends to pay instead of you and you can give him/her the amount in cash. If you wish, you can pay the whole amount in advance by bank transfer. For this option please be so kind to contact us by e-mail! Don't hesitate! The number of seats are strictly limited ;) B R I N G Y O U R F R I E N D S AND PARTICIPATE FOR **FREE**! If you have your own group of minimum 10 friends we give you an organizers' **FREE** spot! Important! In this case all the payment have to be made by the same person. If you think you can form a larger group than this, we can give you additional benefits. Contact us: A L T E R N A T I V E D A T E S AND ROUTES If you are not comfortable with this date you can pick another from our event page: If you are a group of friends of a certain number, the same trip or a different one can be made in other dates as well. The price for individual dates depend on the number of people witihin your group and the itinerary chosen. Less people means higher price, but we can promote your trip to other people and if they like it and enough people sign-up, the same good price can be applicable! Contact us at for personalized offer. The trip is organized by StudentTripsNetwork

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