The Baitey Family Reunion 2015

 23 May
 Clarence Duncan Park
 6000 Rivertown Rd - 30213 - Fairburn - United States
 Barbara C Tidwell
this will be a family day event to bring the family together. to meet other family member that we dont know. this has been a family tradition for years, and I would like all of us as a family to keep this tradition going.we will also be celebraiting 0ne of the family brithday also,we dont need to wait until there's a death in our family to see our love one's. we need to bring our kids together so they will no each other kids ,and know other family members also ,so please its not just my family its our family , so please pass this information on other family member,thank you. to help us bring our family together in a dedication to our grandparents, fathers ,mothers , sisters, brothers, .so together to help me make this family reunion you don't want'a miss out on. I need help on bringing dishes ,our family is very big so please bring food for 20 people or more. also like , soda, plates, cups, pasta salad, chicken, hotdogs, green beans, potatoe's salad n more, or just bring a dish please, if u can bring something please call me 404-663-3659 so i will no what who is bringing to the reunion,

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