The Art of Participatory Leadership

 10 June
  - 65388 - Bärstadt - Germany
 Seminar Gourmets
Does your organisation struggle with: • Silo thinking and political infighting? • Cross-functional teams that are more loyal to their function than their team - or vice versa? • Virtual teams that squander their energies and struggle to produce results? • Integrating new teams and people after a merger? • Pockets of complacency and sometimes apathy? • Implementing and sustaining change that sticks? • Creating a culture of innovation? Participatory Leadership (also widely known as "Art of Hosting" is a structured process including tools, methods, design-thinking and a systems approach to galvanizing group and organisational dynamics. While focussed on groups, it scales from the individual to teams, to whole organizations and communities. Built on the core values of respect, partnership, collaboration and accountability, the approach has been used to facilitate deep conversations with small groups, to groups of hundreds of people at a time, and address complex situations in a way that delivers alignment and actionable outcomes. The purpose of the training is to: • Equip leaders to host change through practices participatory leadership and participatory methods • Explore how the process of hosting conversation complements more traditional ways of leading teams and organisations • Explore collaborative means of responding to complex systemic problems and cross cutting organisational issues • Experience and learn how to practice tools that invite people to contribute their strengths and gifts to meet a common purpose • Connect to an international network of practitioners More Information? Full Flyer with all details: Event Homepage: Registration:

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