The Alpha Crit

 24 May
 5601 Skylab Rd Huntington Beach, CA
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 OC Brakeless
FIXED GEAR BRAKELESS ONLY Who will stake their claim as the Alpha among the pack? Let this be your warm up for Wolfpack Hustle the following week. Mens and Womens category. Entire field will race together (men and women). Lapped male riders will be pulled from the group. Women will race until the very end. RACE FEE $10.00 This race will be a timed 30 mins of racing with 3 laps to go at the end. The course will be done the same way as the Comeback Crit which will be right turns only. We will have a pace car leading you throughout the race and pulling lapped riders out. Don't worry this time the pace car will be further ahead of you and just maybe fast enough to stay away from Cameron JamesArthur Bond haha Sponsored By: Chrome Industries Cadence Rise Above Fitness Felvarrom NVAYRK Fixed Gear Beer Crew APX Sport Drink God & Famous *Some items are subject to change, be sure to check frequently to make sure you have the most up to date information*

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