The Alliance Rumble Ball-OTY APPROVED

 13 June
 239 Buxton Ave Newport News, VA 23607
  - - -
 Keshawn Ford
Rise of the Allies The Virginia Alliance Rumble Ball June 12, 2015 OTA FACE- FF-$150, Male figure $$150, and $150 OVERALL for = $300 GP ) THE SPY As an enemy alliance is formed, you’re given the task of secretly retrieving their inside scoop., However, you are caught in the act and must unveil yourself to reveal your sickening carta! In all black, approach the judges’ panel from the back of the runway, unveiling your face along the way. Only a sickening mug will save you!! Sell for your life!! VIRGIN PERFORMANCE- THE ROOKIE As the rookie on the team, you’re as pure as they come and new to the scandal, but you’re no pushover! Tonight, come to show the other newbie’s that ITS YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Soft & cunt in white. Dramatics in red. Are you here to stay?? VIRGIN RUNWAY- THE CLASSY BITCH Some people sleep their way to the top and some politic, but you have class and will get there the old fashion way. Come as the classy bitch in an ova frame and walk past any bitch in your way; STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!! HAND PERFORMANCE- THE STORY TELLER There are many stories about the past dynasties that have reigned ballroom history. Tonight, tell us one of those legendary stories with an ova glove. DON’T FUCK IT UP! TEAM REALNESS- $$350+ $10 Pot THE REAL DEAL When it comes to alliances, there is none like the CEO/king pen and his leading bitch in Charge!! Together, you oversee a thriving business and money is not an issue! But now, in rival territory you must come forth together and prove that YOU are the REAL DEAL!!! Come froth in collaborative look that is complementing and prove that you are who you are who you appear to be. Will they believe you?? P.S. DON’T FORGET YOUR PRODUCT! BQ SEX SIREN- $500 THE INTERVIEWEE As an alliance formed, one last sexy member is needed to complete the dynasty and you’ve been chosen for an interview for the final spot! Tonight choose a profession and seduce the judges for the job. JOCKSTRAP IS A MUST! Will you get the job? 3 trophies, 1 CASH!! BEST DRESSED- In any dynasty/group, there is always one who outdoes everyone else! (Beyonce, Michael Jackson, KimKardashian, etc.) Tonight, your only task tonight is to come COMPLETELY DONE so that all attention is on you!! WOMEN’S BODY/SEX SIREN- THE GO GETTER As mentioned, there are several ways to climb to the top and you have just what it takes to get there! Use what you got, to get what you want!!! FATHER VS. FATHER- BOSS MAN In your Dynasty, you oversee all positions, from the newbies to the top execs. But now the fathers are forming an alliance and only one can be the BOSS! In the look of your choice, (but done) come ready to make the other fathers fall by your waistline and answer to you! Will you come out on top?? COMMENTATOR VS. COMMENTATOR THE VOICE Many organizations have reps such as “The Face,” The Body,” etc. but you are the Voice of yours. Tonight your chant must be louder, catchier, and more original than the next! Chose a performer and chant them into a fuckinFRENZY as they literally vogue circles around the opponent’s performer, who will be sitting in a chair. Who will eat who? Its all on you!!! GET THAT BITCH- Is there a bitch who can’t take you, a bitch that has beaten you, or just a rival that you need to sock it to? If there is, call them out using the commentator’s microphone and may the odds be in your favor!! ANY CATEGORY GOES! JUST BRING IT! WOMEN’S PERFORMANCE- PRETTY IN PINK Often times in history, women the women are left out and treated as inferior to men. But in many dynasties, there were women such as Alexis Mizrahi, Jamie Balenciaga, Karma Chanel and Danielle Ninja who have no parts! Tonight, come ready to play and show that you are a force to be reckoned with. In pink! OTY RUNWAY- $250.00 The alliance of the empire requires a new ruler to take the throne. In all black look with ahead peice dedicated to a country of your choice. Destroy the runway with a devasting walk to take the title FOOT AND EYEWEAR – No description needed, but it better be sickening and you better know your label!! Legend vs. Legend (RUNWAY/PERFORMANCE) THE ROYAL ONE You are legend and you have NOTHING left to prove! BUT, BUT BUT,; as new alliances and dynasties are formed, its important to make it known that no one wanted a day then, now or never! Purple is the royal color you are legendary royalty. PROVE IT! SNEAKER VS. SNEAKER Whether it be high fashion or urban, there are many, many thriving sneaker dynasties. Choose one and wear it well! Make it better than the next for the battle. OTA PERFORMANCE- $250 + $10 pot THE REBEL Who needs rules when you can make your own!! Your defiance has lead you in a battle with the world. Twisters, as the soldier, you don’t want to be a the big bad warrier, you just wanna TWIST! Tonight, shred your uniform and mold it into the perfect cunty fit! Be creative and come ready for war!! FF- They want you in pink, they want you in red! But you just wanna wear a snatch and all black! Tonight, put on your favorite black scandal, rock that snatch and every bitch in your way!! Vogue Fem- Colorful tutu’s and glitter is what they want! But you don’t need vibrant colors to bring out your inner FISH! Black and white does you perfectly fine! Prove it. ( think, tuxedos, suspenders, vests, etc) but a white glove is a MUST!! Which rebel will stand their ground? OTA REALNESS- THUGS- DOPE BOY PRETTY BOYS- SWEAT PANTS AND WIFE BEATER SCHOOL BOY- GEEK- BRING A PAPER WITH THE NAME OF A DYNASTY, MONARCHY, OR ANY OTHER ROYAL REINING CHAPTER IN HISTORY.

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