The Agents & Woodford Double Oaked Cocktail Comp. Codename: Awesome Comp

 07 June
 The Doghouse
 12 St Stephens Street - BS1 1EL - Bristol - United Kingdom
 Agents Of Yesterday
RIGHT THEN AGENTS! FALL IN! This is the big one. The one we've been busting our buns with the good people at Woodford Reserve to make happen. To coincide with the launch of Woodford Double Oaked, we wanted to do something special. I'll start off by announcing the prize. For the winner of this competition will receive...a night for two in The Savoy Hotel. That's right. Gone are the days of back rubs and sandal wood candles for prizes. The Agents have got the winner Savoy reservations. We're awesome. Now to the rules. The main comp will be a more serious affair, with our usual brand of AOY madness. Two cocktails, fifteen minutes. One will be a twist on an Old Fashioned, and another will be an original concept drink. A minimum of 35ml of Woodford Double Oaked will be required per drink. Expect a slightly more traditional comp, truly testing your drink making capabilities. But that's not all. We have come up with the idea of having a running comp preceding the actual comp. Bear with me. Each bar that wishes to participate will be asked to have a special menu released in the run up to the competition. It will be a menu comprised of all the Old Fashioned twists from all of the competing bartenders. Any printing costs incurred will be covered by Woodford. Once a bar has agreed to compete, the ever awesome Michael Presley Sharpe will personally deliver 300ml (ish) of the Woodford Double Oaked to each bar for them to practice their drinks with. The menus will be available for the run up to the comp, and tailing alongside that will be an online voting system (yet to be set up by the AOY) which can be easily linked to. Whichever Old Fashioned twist receives the most votes will win a bottle of WOODFOOD MASTERS COLLECTION. Say whaaaaaaat!? So, just to recap, the rules are above, and the AOY would love to see the community spirit grow, as it has done with our work in the past. A bottle of Master's Collection and a night for two at The Savoy are up for grabs. Special guest judges to be announced, and the usual carnage and hilarity will no doubt ensue. The actual comp will be held sometime in May at The Doghouse. Probably a Sunday. Maybe a Monday. Dates yet to be totally confirmed. Let's have a blast. May the AOY never die. All love. The Agents Of Yesterday.

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