The 5 Stages of The Lifetime Patient - With Dr. Robert Brooks

 21 May
 Google Hangout
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 The Pediatric Summit
Dr. Robert Brooks has been in Practice for over 45 years and is the founder of "Taking Care of People", a program that has been around for 20 years that teaches doctors how to communicate with their patients in a way that strengthens their relationships and keeps the environment about what is in the patients' best interest. Over his extensive career asking each patient about their questions and concerns, he found that he was repeatedly asked the same ones depending on where they were in their care. He then systematically created the 5 stages that the Lifetime Patient goes through so that he could make sure that all of their questions had been answered and keep the air clear. Everyone wants their patients to continue to get checked for Subluxation for the rest of their lives, however you have so much information that you want them to know that sometimes you overwhelm them, it happens to us all. By knowing these 5 stages that your patients' go through, you then know how to communicate with them, what questions that they have, and what to assure them about so that they feel the most comfortable in your office. Knowing when and how to communicate to them is the key to giving them information they need to properly integrate Chiropractic care into how they live the rest of their life. This Webcast is going to give so many insights from such a huge wealth of knowledge, I am so glad we could have Dr. Brooks on with us! To join our community and receive the link to this presentation, register below. If you are already part of the community, just click "going" and we will email you the link the day before the event. See you there!

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