The 3rd Annual UTW Day - Traralgon/Latrobe Valley, VIC, Australia

 13 June
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 Melissa Pollard
THIS IS A SERIES OF EVENTS, SO PLEASE READ ON. The 3rd annual Unfuck The World Day is on June 13 this year. To acknowledge and celebrate this awesome initiative, I have decided that instead of having one large event, this year will include a series of events at different times of the year, designed to raise awareness, call people to action, or to just make our community, and the world a better place. Keep an eye out below for the events as they are listed, and if you have an event of your own that you believe is worthy of being promoted under the UTW banner, please let me know because I would love to add it. Can't make it to any of the events? Don't worry! If you can commit to doing something, ANYTHING positive on UTW Day this year, no matter how big or small or where you are in the world, click that you are "going". Just by making that commitment, you are putting good stuff back into the world, and that's what this day is all about. :) And if you want a t-shirt or hoodie to wear on the day, I have them for sale, so hit me up. :) Together we can Unfuck the World!!

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 15 December, Thursday