The 2015 Brass Screw Confederacy: Patent Pending

 29 May
 Port Townsend, WA, United States
  - 98368 - -
 The Brass Screw Confederacy
We sail May 29-31, 2015!! The Brass Screw ain't no Con. We're our own wonderful thing - one of just three Victorian seaports in the US transformed into our unique vision of what a Steampunk Extravaganza should be: vintage aesthetics comingled with edgy century art, music, and tech - all strapped together with brass. What to Expect We aim to rock you back on your boot heels and steam up your goggles. We're turning it up with our Hottest Hootenanny ever, Tactical Croquet, Airship Apprentice (our own collectible card game), Hugo award-winning Phil & Kaja Foglio's Girl Genius, Rise of Aester's annual assembly, the stupendous Bazaar of the Bizarre, Brass Screw Chautauqua, bands, magic, and mayhem galore! So while we aren't the biggest, fanciest, first, and we certainly hope we aren't the last steampunk something-or-other on Earth - we've got something to steam up ingenues and aficionados alike. You won't be disappointed.

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