19 May
 The Pilot Light
 106 E Jackson Ave - 37915-1003 - Knoxville - United States
 Emily Robinson
THANTIFAXATH (Toronto, Ontario) Vicious, strange black metal from Canada played by 3 anonymous people. "Thematically and harmonically rock and outré noise run flanking maneuvers around the edges of a truly vicious frontal assault." (Invisible Oranges) "Sacred White Noise starts with a collection of black metal tropes — tremolo picking, shrieked vocals, repetitive structures, etc. — and perverts them into a claustrophobic clusterfuck of ugly chords and weird timings. But where Jute Gyte play to fuzzy, introverted one-man BM type, Thantifaxath use a seamless production to blow the nightmare up to arena-prog proportions. It’s an intensely atmospheric listen, and somehow it’s catchy? How do people do that?" (Doug Moore) IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT (NYC) Haunting experimental black metal. "One of the most important U.S. black metal acts currently active." (No Clean Singing) $8 at the door.

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