Texas Dirty Double Century

 13 June
 Muenster, TX, United States
  - 76252 - -
 Riley Evans
A 202 mile gravel grinder in north Texas in early June. The race will begin in Muenster, TX at 9AM at the Muenster High School (135 E 7th St Muenster, Texas, 76525). The race will have a 24 hour cut-off and end at 9AM on Sunday morning. The route will be completely unmarked, but I will post a GPX file for you to download as well as cue sheets. If you want to be considered a "finisher" you'll have to be able to provide some proof that you rode the route within the 24hr period. Acceptable forms of proof would be a garmin/GPX file with data or a SPOT tracker. For the most part the race will be completely self-supported, and there are plenty of towns on the first 120 miles or so. Each town should have at least a gas station. There is one section between miles 140ish to around 200 that does not have any water. Water will be dropped somewhere between miles 160-180. I will post the exact location of the water at least a month before the start. The race is completely free. The only thing you need to do is bring a gallon of water to be dropped at the water drop. At the start every rider will have to sign a quick waiver and that's it. **** IF for some reason the course is muddy or wet on the original date, I have set up an alternate date two weeks later on June 27th, 2014. Same place at 9AM. IF for some reason it's wet again, I'll move the entire event a few months back to possibly September. HERE's a link to the GPX File: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/6506123?privacy_code=KPft9SQRA9osewfJ This event is not official. It's nothing more than a bunch of cyclists getting together for a 200 mile gravel grinder. You can ride whatever kind of bike you want. I personally be on a 29" mtn bike. I'm sure a cross bike would work as well. A road bike would not work, but I guess you could try..... haha.

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