TEDxGhent #5 | Celebration

 13 June
 Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent
 Jozef Kluyskensstraat 2 - 9000 - Gent - Belgium
Get ready for a day full of inspiration At TEDxGhent, we believe there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Not only is this our 5 year anniversary, but so many people are doing amazing things to inspire us and make our world a better place. We’ve invited a couple of them to give a talk on our stage. So let’s celebrate them together. We’ll spoil you with great speakers, good food, plenty of inspiration and a big surprise. You’re guaranteed to learn and experience things you never thought of before with topics like city ecology, fossil fuels, education, freerunning, communication, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship and more. Join us for this celebration on June 13th. -- SPEAKERS > Filip Van Den Abeele Senior Pipeline Consultant at subseawolf As we are eager to give you some fuel for thought, Filip Van Den Abeele will be joining us to talk about oil depletion and the consequences of that on our daily lives. Which form of energy will save our lives? How will cars and planes be powered? What if the oil runs out? And how about the effects on the climate? He will be providing us with hard facts and will take our current energy production under the microscope. Prepare for a dynamic presentation which will make the fog disappear from relevant figures… > Sebastien Foucan Founder of freerunning (parcours) and freerunner in Casino Royale opening scene This speaker is well-known for his appearance in the Casino Royale James Bond movie opening sequence. Being the founder of Freerunning, Sebastien Foucan believes that to find harmony and well-being, you need to be connected with the environment. Aiming for a world without boundaries, he takes us through his own circuits and moves to show us how we can improve our own well-being. Currently he is active as a motivational speaker, and teaches at the Foucan Freerunning Academy in London. > Geert Heyneman City ecologist and greenplanner at the city of Ghent Have you ever made Gin out of weeds and invasive plants? Geert Heyneman is going to provide us with his view on ecology in Ghent. Being a greenplanner and botanist, he focuses on nature in the city. Having followed courses on cooking and distilling, he made a gin out of what we would call weeds, to show us that actually no greens are lost in this city, and that we can use those plants to our advantage. > Laurine Burdorf PhD student at the Department of Ecosystem Studies (NIOZ-Yerseke) Meet Laurine Burdorf – the winner of the TEDxGhent PhD contest 2015, where some of the masterminds of Ghent presented their research and competed for a spot on the TEDxGhent main stage. As part of a research-team at the NIOZ and VUB she studies the intriguing electric cable bacteria that are present throughout the seafloor. Within her PhD Laurine has tried to elucidate in which environments electric cable bacteria thrive – from large-scale global distribution to small-scale lab created environments. < Matthias Stevens Research associate at University College London Since joining UCL in March 2012, Matthias leads the ExCiteS group’s effort to design, develop, evaluate and deploy a generic (software) platform that enables people with no or limited literacy – in the strict and broader technological sense – to use smartphones and tablets to collect, share, visualise and analyse data. The platform is and will be used in a variety of concrete projects that are often related to environmental monitoring. > Ellen De Bruin Science reporter at NRC Handelsblad and author of ‘Vergaderen? Niet doen!’ Ellen De bruin will be joining us for a talk on why we shouldn’t go to business meetings. Ellen is a science reporter at the Dutch twin newspapers NRC Handelsblad en nrc.next. In 2014 she published her last book Vergaderen? Niet Doen! (Don’t go to Business Meetings), a book listing all that is bad about business meetings, underpinned by scientific research. >Tine Hens Let’s re-do the economy In her talk, Tine will elaborate on this idea, and fight a common perception of economy as something that is beyond people’s control. Instead, she will argue that it is actually about good life, and now it is time to reclaim the economy, to free the market, to re-do the economy-as-we-know it and to start cooperating in many different ways instead of just competing. >Erik Rietveld Combining architecture, art & science into an installation called ‘The end of sitting’ Erik is a founding partner of RAAAF – Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances, and together with his design team they work on the projects that are absolutely free from any existing architectural or theoretical stance. The main idea behind RAAAF is “what the world would be like if we were free of conventional limits. What could be new thinking models if we lived by a different set of rules.” At TEDxGhent 2015 Erik will share with us his recent creation – the installation called ‘The End of Sitting’. It is a new experimental project, which shows the possibilities of radical change for the working environment, and invites us to explore different standing positions in an experimental work landscape. > Pieter Bonte Doping isn’t wrong Fighting the common perception that doping is wrong, on our main stage Pieter will challenge the audience with a ‘million dollar’ questions: ‘Should we rethink anti-doping zero-tolerance?’ His argument will be to encourage you to start making moral progress and stop hating those who enrich their body in adequately healthy, fair, and effortful ways. And he has his way to prove it. > Leo Hollis Who is the city for? Writer, historian and urbanist, Leo Hollis believes that cities are constructed from people rather than buildings, and in this talk he will explore the future of the city and the need for what he calls “Social Urbanism.” Using examples from across the world, he suggests that we should consider citizenship when thinking about city-making, and pay attention to issues like trust, equality and sustainability as much as to technology, economics or design. > Francesca Rossi The present and future of artificial technology Francesca Rossi is a professor of computer science at the University of Padova, Italy. Her research interests focus on artificial intelligence (AI), with a particular emphasis on preference modeling and reasoning, constraint processing, multi-agent systems, and voting theory. Rossi aims to generalize the scope and goals of sentiment analysis in order to understand preferences over several correlated items. She proposes to do so by exploiting and adapting notions and techniques from AI (such as knowledge representation, natural language processing, reasoning with uncertainty, and machine learning) and voting theory. On our stage she will share with us some findings of her research and elaborate on the present and future of AI. >Trashbeatz Music with trash Trashbeatz was founded in 2000 with the purpose to teach people more about music and ecology in a playful and more creative way. With the workshop ‘Music with Trash’ the band toured all around Belgium. This is how it works: you start by building your own drum-kit out of trash. Then, with two drum-sticks-spoons, pots, pans, cans, barrels, or other “instrumental” trash you can learn about rhythm and dynamics. Once it is under control, you start playing as a band and are ready to create your own song. Afterwards a little performance is possible.

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