Team: Keep sMyelin Muckfest MS- Philadelphia

 30 May
 Ellis Preserve: 3855 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, PA 19073
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 Ashley Alvarez
March 2014 I was diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis. Since then I realized how many people I've come to know in my life that either have or know someone who has MS. Thanks to the research, funding and unlimited support provided by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society advancements in treatment much has changed about having MS. I have been on medication that was not available prior to such investments for this disease. At one point I went completely blind in my left eye with optic neuritis, which slowly returned for the most part, slurred at uncontrollable moments and lost simple motor skills. I looked as if I was intoxicated when I walked. It got to a point, prior to being officially diagnosed, that I went numb on the complete right side of my body and was hospitalized for a week. Since then I have been on treatment in which my most current MRI proves that it is truly working. Any lesions of the brain that I had shown on the previous MRIs have become dormant and minimized tremendously in size. I have regained full sight back in my left eye and I have absolutely no difficulties walking or speaking. I am not sharing all of this to make anyone feel sorry for me. I do not feel sorry for me. Everything happens for a reason. This was the hand in life I was dealt but because of these advancements I am not that girl with MS, I am Ashley. The reason for the name Keep sMeylin, Brittany Sharma's idea, is the MS attackes the myelin sheaths of your nervous system. With advancements in treatment this would be prevented because once it is gone, its gone. Also the play on words signifies that despite a diagnosis, MS is not going to prevent anyone anymore from living a long happy life. It is very important to me to give back to this organization and to honor of all the support I was given by my loved ones who stood by my side through everything. I want to physically be able to finish this 5k. I want to prove to MS it can not stop me. I am trying to put together a team of runners to join me. If you can't run, you can walk, you can do as much as you can. Make sure during registration you select "Join Group" enter "Keep sMeylin" and team captain "Ashley Alvarez" If you'd rather not get messy and have one heck of a time, please send a donation below. (Anything at all would be greatly appreciated even if it is only $1) If you have any issues with either please contact me. Here is some more information on the event: MuckFest MS is a mucky romp through mud and obstacles in support of a world free of multiple sclerosis. The run is pure athletic hilarity on a 5K course full of mud and outrageous obstacles. MuckFest MS is something that must be seen to be believed. So by all means, come out to watch or better yet, join us! While there will be a lot of laughs and mucking about, we are also supporting the important work of the National MS Society in our community. Support Me and the National MS Society with a Donation The “MS” part of MuckFest MS stands for multiple sclerosis, a chronic and often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system. MS is unpredictable and affects every individual differently. Women are 2 to 3 times more likely to get MS, and it affects over 2 million people worldwide. This is the reason we come together: to rally friends in support of people living with MS in our community. That’s why 100% of your donation benefits the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Thank you.

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