Tea & Temple Tour (2) 2015 - At wonderful Hwaomsa Temple with Tea Festival

 23 May
 구례읍 봉성로 1 구례군청 - 542-803 - Gurye - South Korea
 Sonja Glaeser
Dear Friends & Hippie-Korea Explorers. Our 7th Tea & Temple tour is coming up for May 23rd ~ 25th, this is our last Tea Making Experience in 2015. As a Tea Passionate for the past 8 years and graduated Tea Master of Korea's renomated Institute for the Korean Way of Tea named - "Banyaro" - under Great Master Chae Won Hwa, I would herewith like to introduce the 5th " Tea & Temple Tour" arranged by me, providing you with all my expertise insights of Korea's Artisanal Tea Culture. On May 23rd( Saturday) till May 25th (Monday - Public Holiday), I will guide a group of up to 17 people to the most beautiful places of Korea's Artisan Tea Production Area at the slopes of Mount Chiri-San in the Southern Hemisphere of Korea. Wavy Mountain slopes covered with wild Tea & Bamboo... Somjin River Stream with sparkling sun-r...ay reflection.. busy little Tea Farmers.. Hear the Mountain Breeze and feel the "other" life of Korea... related to nature, harmony with your environment, Tea and Buddhism. This Trip is only suitable for people who like to witness a deep insight into Korea's Unique Tea Culture. Sleeping in a temple like a monk and doing early morning prayer is rough, yet a unique and de-toxing experience. Rustique living conditions... sitting and sleeping on the heated floor like Koreans, eating Rice & Sea Weed Soup in the morning... drinking lots of tea and meeting close to nature people with a great sense of hospitality. If you are interested in a such a Unique - Expert Trip with similar minded people... looking for a way to fully witness Korea's Tea Culture, then this is the trip for you. I am an expert in the culture of Tea and will guide you to places which I consider PURE, ZEN and refilling for spirit & soul & body. The Schedule for 3 days filled with deep insights will be as follows: Saturday (May 23rd): - 13:54 pm: Departure by Train from Suwon to Chiri Mountain - Gurye Station (Secured Seats for all Participants) (17 train tickets) - 17:50pm: Arrival at Gurye and Dinner (provided) with Local Delicacies from the Region ( Mini -Clam Soup from the local Somjin River & BibimBab - Mixed Herbs with Rice & Soup) - 18:40pm: Transfert to Temple Hwaeom-sa (One of Korea's most beautiful and culturally rich temples) - 18:40pm: Walking Meditative Temple Way, Dressing in Temple Stay Cloths, Meeting Head-monk & drinking Tea ( Tea Talk about Tea making process, Tea varieties etc) - Tea Talk with Head-monk & Snacking - Sleeping on the floor in over 100 year old Temple houses, Rooms for Ladies and Rooms for Men will be provided. (separate hotel room outside the temple facility can be booked under additional charges - 50,000 Won per room) Sunday (May 24th): - 04:00~04:30am: Early Morning Prayer in the night and sleeping again - Breakfast (Korean Food - Provided), Putting on Tea Picking Apron & Straw-hat, and Walking to wild Tea Fields with 1.000 Year old Wild Tea Trees hidden in Bamboo Forest - Picking Tea Leafs, Selecting Best Leafs... Lunch (Provided) followed by Roasting & Rolling Green Tea & Fermented Tea - Refreshing at Stream, Making Lotus Lantern :-) - Evening Prayer with Head-monk while Chanting and carrying illuminated Lotus Lanterns ( mesmerizing) - Tea Tasting of self-made tea.. packing of Green Tea - (80 gram of Green Tea from the Temple usually cost 100.000 Won... and we will be able to carry our own bag of green & fermented Tea with us) - Evening Chilling & Chatting over Tea - Sleeping on the floor in over 100 year old Temple houses, Rooms for Ladies and Rooms for Men will be provided. (separate hotel room outside the temple facility can be booked under additional charges) Monday ( May 25th): - 07:30am: Hike along the stream to upper Hermitage through Bamboo Forest & Nicely wild stone pavement (or you can sleep longer ^^) - 09:00am: Move to the Hadong Green Tea Festival, Introduction & Tea Tasting of various Artisan Tea producing Families (Sonja's preferred Tea Producers), eventually (if time permits) Tea Ceremony Practice at the Hadong Green Tea Exhibition Hall - Guided Introduction to the best Hadong Green Tea Producing families, with great discount for Hippie-Members and Festival Discounts. (Sonja will introduce her best Tea Connections, Tea Masters, Differences of Tea etc) - Lunch not provided since you can eat lunch at the Green Tea Festival Site - 13:58pm: Departure by Train from Gurye Station to Suwon Station (17 Tickets ) (people living in Seoul can continue but need to pay a bit additional costs for the train from Suwon to Seoul) We reach Suwon Station at around 17:50pm, so you can relax and refresh ^^ If you need to travel further to Yongsan Station or Seoul Station, you can just simply remain in the train. ------------------------------------------------------ Please note: DO NOT USE ANY PERFUME, Fragrant Deodorant, Fragrant Body Lotion or Shampoo since the fragrance of those products may change the fragrance of the Tea we produce and as such degrade the quality. What to bring: Personal Towel & Body Care Product ( Soap, Toothbrush, toothpaste, cream, suncream, Anti Moskito product etc) Sleeping Bag (for better comfort and also due to limited amount of bed covers I recomend to bring your own Sleeping bag if you have it) Flash-Light ( the night is dark and not much light provided... so a flashlight will help) Personal Snacks for Break fast or in between (In case you do not like to eat Rice & Seaweed soup in the morning, you may bring your own food) Hiking boots or comfortable shoes suitable to walk in the mountain and bushy tea-fields What to expect: * A highly insightful guided tour to one of Korea's most beautiful natural areas filled with Mountain Energy " Zen". * Please expect a simple lifestyle of Monks & Tea Farmers. * Also our sleeping facility will be simple yet autentic. * The experience will be unique ( Waking up early if you want to join the early morning prayer and walk in the spooky dark under the call of the spirits).. but you can decide whether you want to join or continue sleeping ^^ * Tea Making experience is something for the real Tea Passionate... Roasting & Rolling Tea Leafs will request your hand and arm-muscles to be exerciced... hanging over a 300 Degree Celcius hot Tea Roasting Iron-Pan, will show you the real value that lies in your cup of green tea. * You will be proud to experience an entire & full Tea Making Process and to be able to carry your self-made Tea back home. Price: 400.000 Won (including all above written activities, visits, overnight sleeping, food and Tea Making, Take your Tea Home (1 pack of Green Tea & 1 pack of fermented tea) etc) How to pay: Please do a Bank-Transfert to the following account: KEB (Korean Exchange Bank) account no: 620-202076-603 Name: GLAESERSONJA (Hippie-Korea) amount: 400,000 Won When doing the transfert: please write " Tea_Your Name" example: Tea_Peter, Tea_Susie etc. also, please send a mail to hippiekoreacommunity@gmail.com with your information when and under which name you transfert the total amount. for any questions, please send mail to hippiekoreacommunity@gmail.com or call Sonja under: 010-8958-8588 Insurance: Please proceed with your own travel insurance if you would like to conclude with one... Hippie-Korea community is not taking responsibility for any eventual incidence during the trip from Saturday May 23rd till Monday 25th of May. Thank you

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