Tea Farming Workshop in Minamata お茶摘体験in水俣!

 24 May
 Minamata International Friends Association
 1-1-1 Jinnai - 867-8555 - Minamata-shi - Japan
 Minamata International Friends Association
(日本語の説明は下にありますよ!) About the event: Join us to travel deep into the mountains of southern Kumamoto to learn about organic tea farming and tea preparation (hint: it’s not “just add water”). You will be able to pick and prepare your own tea leaves and take your hand-made tea product home with you as a gift. We expect to have both foreign and Japanese participants from all over Kumamoto and Kagoshima, so plan to make some friends as well! Details about transportation and pricing will be made within the next week, but if you think you are interested please email mifa.english (@) gmail.com soon to reserve your spot. Space is limited to 15 people. About the farm: Places like Kyoto and Shizuoka may be known for their green tea and matcha flavored goods, but a significant amount of the tea made in Japan is actually grown here in Kyushu. The Amano tea farm in Minamata, high in the mountains of Southern Kumamoto, is one of the many tea farms in Minamata that works to produce organic tea (no herbicides or pesticides!), and its signature black tea Amano koucha has recently gained popularity for having lighter and fruitier taste compared to imported black teas. Amano-san, the owner of the farm, takes in foreign volunteers for up to 3 month stays through the WWOOF program, and has hosted a number of talks and workshops around Kyushu about tea preparation and organic farming. His expertise in organic tea farming and environmental protection has been commended by Minamata City through his designation as an environmental meister. 水俣の大自然の中で、様々な外国人と交流しながらお茶を摘んだり、有機栽培お茶作りについて学んだりしてみませんか?自分の手で摘んだ茶葉を加工して、お茶として持ち帰ることもできます!水俣市内外から参加者を募集していますので、友達がたくさんできるかも! 参加費、現地までの交通については後ほどお知らせしますが、興味がある方は早速mifa.english (@) gmail.com にメールください。先着の15名限定です! 日本のお茶といえば、どうしても京都の宇治茶や静岡をイメージしがちですが、実はここ南九州も大事なお茶の生産地になっています!水俣の山奥、鹿児島県との県境の近くにある「天野製茶園」では昔から有機栽培のお茶(農薬が一切なし!)が作られてきて、そこで開発された「天の紅茶」は、日本人の口にも合うようなほのかな甘みを持っているため、雑誌やテレビで紹介されるほど人気な商品になってきました。製茶園で外国人の研修生を受け入れている他、九州各地でお茶の美味しい作り方・淹れ方についてワークショップを開いている天野さんは、環境・健康・素材・作り方へこだわりなどを持っていることから、水俣の環境名スターとして認定されています。

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