Tattva Adventures- Star Gazing With The Pros 16-17th May 2015

 16 May
 Mamnoli, India
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 Tattva adventures
I KNOW NOTHING WITH ANY CERTAINTY BUT THE SIGHT OF THE STARS MAKES ME DREAM - Vincent Van Gogh Its time to Dream yet again coz it's getting wickedly dark on the 16th May when the Universe twinkles on you. We have collaborated with a team of professionals. So its going to be more than looking through a telescope and spotting stars. EVENT VENUE- H S S (NGO) ( MAMNOLI) ————————–———- They help kids by sponsoring their Education till 10th Grade. So you can help in Cash or Kind. ( Clothes, Footwear, Books, Utensils etc) EVENT SCHEDULE ----------------------------------------------------- Catch the CST -Kalyan 2:12 PM slow Byculla 2:20 PM Dadar 2:30 PM Kurla 2:40 PM Ghatkopar 2:46 PM Thane 3:07 PM Dombivili 3:29 PM Kalyan 3:38 PM ---------------------------------------------------------- - 5:00 PM reach Mamnoli --------------------------------------------------- - Tea break & Intro --------------------------------------------------- - Time for some masti and fun --------------------------------------------------- 07.00 PM - 09.00 PM Introduction to Basic astronomy, History of astronomy, Recognition of constellations - Canis Major, Orion, Auriga, Gemini, Cancer etc. Presentation on Solar System. Observation of Planet Venus, Behives Cluster, Orion Nebula, Open cluster in Canis Major Question Answer session --------------------------------------------------- Dinner 9:00 PM --------------------------------------------------- 09.30PM - 12.00AM Presentation on Search of Alien Planets, Recognition of Constellations Leo, crux, centaurus, Corvus, ursa major, virgo etc Observation of Planet Jupitor and is 4 moons, Double star in Ursa Major, NGC5139 Globular cluster, M3 Globular cluster (if possible) Question Answer Session --------------------------------------------------- 12.30AM - 02.30AM Presentation on Recent Space missions carried out by NASA,ESA, JEXA and ISRO Recognition of constellations Draco, Scorpio, Ophiucus, bootes, Libra, Herculus etc Observation of Great globular cluster in Herculas and , Jewel Box in Centaurus, Double star systems, open star clusters, Planet Saturn, its rings and moon titan Question Answer session --------------------------------------------------- 03.00AM - 04.00AM Recognition of observation of clusters in constellation scorpio, and view of milky way galaxy. Recognition of constellation lyra, aquilla and Cygnus --------------------------------------------------- Rest or go for a walk in the woods --------------------------------------------------- 8:am Breakfast --------------------------------------------------- Post breakfast we leave. People can opt to stay till evening in case they want to spend more time in the woods. The cost of the Event is 1200/- per person Includes --------------------------------------------------- Travelling from Kalyan - Mamnoli Village- Kalyan Accomodation Dormitory style Evening Refreshments Dinner (Village style Simple Veg Meal) Morning Breakfast Equipment Charges Professional Fees Tattva Expertise For people Who stay till Evening the cost would be 1500 which will add a Lunch and evening refreshments for Sunday. --------------------------------------------------- Registrations only through Calls For Registrations, JD +91 7666 611 666 Sai +91 7738 783 657 Leave a message if calls unattended we will get back to you --------------------------------------------------- Things To Be carried: ---------------------------------------------------------------- TORCH V IMP with extra batteries Identity proof Sleeping bag/ Mat to rest Wear clothes that are comfortable and allows free movement of the body Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc. A bottle of water (atleast 3 Ltrs) Compulsory Medicine those if u require usually (Optional) A good trekking shoes or floaters will do Please avoid wearing Jewellery Rules --------------------------------- No Smoking, tobacco and alcohol NO littering please...we are educated :) The leader’s decision will be final and binding on all members. No Arguments will be entertained. Note- Please understand this ain’t a picnic, all Trekking / hiking/ trail Adventure activities demand fitness. We request you to get a medical fitness check done before you participate in any such events. If suffering from any allergy carry proper medications and inform your trek leaders about it. Also make sure you have a sufficient supply of medication for your trip, building in an allowance for any travel delay. Those with Active Chest and Heart diseases that limit physical activity should not go to high altitudes. Regards, Tattva Adventures Jai Hind.

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