Tarot & Liber 231: a lecture by Bob Stein

 20 May
 Topics Berlin
 Weserstrasse 166 - 12045 - Berlin - Germany
 Amir Naaman
The Lecture explores Crowley’s comments about using the course of the Tarot Trump to represent the cosmic process and the path of initiation as a cycle.. It emphasizes the elemental cards of air, water and fire, or birth, rebirth and transformation. The lecture (or open discussion) aims to encourage new ideas, consider different viewpoints, and develop an appreciation for them Robert C. Stein is a Professor Emeritus of Biology in the NY State University System, whose involvement in the study and practice of Thelema spans three decades and who travels extensively across five continents. He wrote “The Mystery of the Letters and The Tree of Life" and has authored several important publications on different aspects of the Holy Books of Thelema.

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