Target Tracker National Certified Trainers Program

 30 May
 Hubbard Lake, MI, United States
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 Wayne McGregor
First and foremost we honor almost all “Instructor Organization Certifications” as a baseline for our program. Such as the following: NRA Glock and other firearms company programs Massad Ayoub, Rob Pincus, Mike Hughes, Chris Cerino and many more! How it works: We send you our Tactical Training Video Library. Watch all the videos and visualize training in this type of format! Report back to us on an email what mistakes you find in our videos by hitting reply and commenting next to each video link. This insures you are paying attention. Now you have 2 options: Option 1: You can attend our Certified Trainers Program located at 64 acre private gun range located in Hubbard Lake Michigan. The cost is $400 for 2 days of training day 1 is pistol and day 2 is AR15 or referred to as Tactical Rifle. Maximum number of students is 10 minimum number of attendees is 5. We run you through all the video training courses on the range. At our range RUAG Copper Matrix Ammunition is required. The ammunition is very safe, non toxic and lead free. Here is a video of the ammunition This AMMO could save Your Life and extend the Life of your Steel Targets! The ammunition can be pre-purchased and brought to the range by us for your training as well. Order RUAG Copper Matrix NTF Ammo Prior to our training you purchase a Target Tracker Unit with your choice of target. After training and passing our certification process. We all clean up the range with our Ammo-Up unit which is very simple. 1. We will shoot video of your training; Use your own “Personality” and have fun. But our motto is be humble no one is perfect and no Bravado You can be excited and relate that to the camera as you feel your heart rate increase etc. 2. We will edit the video to generate a Press release for you on our social media as a “Target Tracker Certified Trainer” thus helping you market your training and our association! Option 2: After you watch all the videos you go through the videos and lessons one at a time videoing your mock training course under our fundamentals. Now you don’t have to be exact, you can make mistakes, call out your mistakes after you go through the video but video your commentary. That’s how we improve. Please refrain from using abbreviations and terminology, just basic terms. We do this to keep our training APPROACHABLE for students. It has been proven that verbiage being used that is not directly understood by a person that has never shot before turns people off to want to participate in our training. There is no need to edit the raw video but turn the camera off when you pause between courses so we do not have to sift through hours of no action or commentary. We will go through your video, make a determination, provide feedback and maybe have you redo some portions based on our recommendations for certification. When Shooting your video: Do not try to out-perform your ability and be safe! • Place the camera at an angle that the targets can be viewed while shooting and commentary can be heard. • If you are right handed then place the camera where the right side can also be seen so we can review your technique as you shoot! • Do not shut off the camera between shooting and going up to the target to verify your shots and bullet accountability on video record. This will verify to us your learned ability. No one shoots perfect on moving targets the main focus is shots on target to stop a threat. • If you make a shot on a stationary target as an innocent bystander document it and make sure you say something as to needing more training, be humble everyone makes mistakes. • You can place the videos you create in raw form to a Dropbox or file sharing online system and we will download the video. Send file sharing links to • Do not edit video in any way, this will disqualify you from our program. • Use your own “Personality” and have fun. Do a formal introduction Hello my name is _________________and I am a Certified Target Tracker Trainer! This lesson is ____________ and here is how it is beneficial to you________________________ or something to that effect! • We want to see how you will do your training in your methods as well so be creative and do not be afraid to vary from our format but make sure you cover the basics. • We will edit the video to generate a Press release for you on our social media as a “Target Tracker Certified Trainer” thus helping you market your training and our association! The cost on this process is $1200.00 after the purchase of your system. This cost includes video work and editing but maybe less expensive to travel to our range. Please contact me if you have a large group that would like to be trained or certified and we can give you costs on us coming out to train your group. BENEFITS BEYOND TRAINING CERTIFICATION • We help you market your training courses • We perform a Press release on Social Media letting our followers know that you are a “Certified Target Tracker Trainer” and the area you represent. • When we receive inquires for training classes that are closer to your location we will send you that lead. • We help get you started by editing your videos and posting them within our social media and you can also share those videos and develop or increase your own following. We help each other so you can also post our information just not any videos that are password protected they are for us internally and sensitive with our customers being LE and Military. • You receive a promo-code for our websites to earn a commission from our products. For example you make a post about Target Tracker a simple statement “Use Promo-code ____________ to receive your FREE Gift” we track that sale and pay you a commission at the end of each month. Also you can list our products on your website and we can drop ship your customers as well. • If you want to schedule large events needing additional systems, we can schedule this together and assist you. This charge is $1000 a day plus expenses, travel, shipping equipment, per diem on meals etc. • As you are now in our network you may be contacted by another member for training back up as well so you can earn extra money working with other trainers. So if there is another trainer you prefer to work with they can ship their unit out etc. for the same or similar fee’s. • We tend not to run over 10 students per unit per day. If you charge $300 per student that equates to $3000 if you pull in another trainer and unit you can do 20 students a day thus generating $6000 and do a split or $1000 a day so it makes you additional income and provides a training scenario with 2 units as shown in our videos. Sometimes we lower our fees when we have large groups. • There are many more additional benefits so if you have any questions please contact us. Respectfully Submitted, Wayne A. McGregor CEO of Target Tracker Business Development Group & Moving Target Systems - Law Enforcement Tactical Training System - Linked IN Group NRA Pistol Instructor Pinckney, Michigan 48169 (248)770-9678 Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel for 100's of Videos! Wayne McGregor Linked In Profile- Feel Free to Connect with Me! Follow me on Twitter If you are an Instructor please provide us with your opinion of our Trainers Program

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