Talk To The Entities Beginner Class - Surrey, UK

 23 May
 Surrey, UK
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 Mary Haines
Will you come and play? 23rd &24th May 2015 Whatever you think Talk to the Entities® is – it is not that! It is not freaky, not scary, you don’t need to be a medium, and you don’t need to be ‘special’! You do need to be curious – you probably meet that criteria if you have ever asked any of these questions - what is my cat looking at? …are ghosts for real? … I talk to my car – can it talk back? …What is that I see out of the corner of my eye? ...I’m sure my dead relative is still around – is that possible & what do they want? Etc., etc. Unlikely as it sounds, these classes are fun, full of laughter and very practical. Two and a half days in the company of other entity newbies honing skills you didn’t even realise you had. And after the class you will have an ease and awareness of the variety of entities and how you can interact with them to the benefit of both parties. To register or for more details check out the class here:

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