Tai Chi Push Hands Workshop with Stephen Watson

 31 May
 211 Main St, New Milford, New Jersey 07646
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 Body Mind Studios
Wu Hsing Push Hands - Creation & Dissolution at Play In a continuation and expansion of our January workshop entitled "Spiraling Intersections of Neijiaquan Push Hands" we will re-introduce (a perfect chance for those who missed the first workshop to join in on the fun) our framework for exploring energies exchanged in relationship. Whether the relationship is a fight, a competition, or a verbal confrontation the energetic underpinnings remain the same and the skillsets we develop in the martial arts studio transfer readily to other varieties of relationship. Workshop participants will begin to decode the subtle and misunderstood maps known as the Wu Hsing and I Ching as we shape our apprehension and application of the treasures in these maps. Using simple concepts with profound implications participants will work on accepting incoming force and redirecting, transmuting, and wisely challenging it. We will introduce, test, and adjust practical processes of creating new energies from what is received as well as dissolving those energies offered which do not suit us. Expect to have your Push Hands go from futility to utility with the help of this workshop, the wonderful students involved, and your own readiness to work hard. Early Registration by 5/15: $50 After 5/15: $60 Click here to register: http://www.bodymindstudios.com/tai-chi-push-hands-workshop-stephen-watson-sunday-may-31st

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