Sydney Ideas Presents: The Nepal Earthquake - One Month On

 25 May
 Old Geology Lecture Theatre
  - 2006 - Sydney - Australia
 Carmen Braz
On 25 April, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Gorkha district Nepal, just west of the capital, Kathmandu. At least 8,000 people were killed in the earthquake. Although immediate support is vital, it's important disaster regions have long term support that can re-build the Nepal community and help mitigate future disasters. So in collaboration with the School of Geosciences, Sydney Environment Institute, GeoSoc and some special Geoscience students (shout out to Nadine and Agnes), we are proud to present a forum on understanding the recent earthquakes in Nepal and how such disasters can be properly managed. This event is free however requires registration (link below) and attendees are asked to make a donation to Oxfam’s Nepal fund. Speakers: Geoff Clarke is Professor of Geoscience at the University of Sydney. His research analyses the minerals and textures forming metamorphic rocks to discover the tectonic processes responsible for their formation. Since 2013 he has been involved in a joint Australian-Indian research group reassessing processes responsible for forming rocks in the Himalayas and parts of the Tibetan Plateau. Dale Dominey-Howes is Associate Professor of Earth Hazard Geosciences. An international expert in natural hazards and disaster risk reduction, his research focuses on the processes that lead to natural hazard events and the societal contexts in which such events become disasters. He works with local and regional governments across the Asia-Pacific region and is Chairman of the United Nations Post-Disaster Policy and Practice Research Working Group. Wayne Gum is portfolio manager of the East Asia region for Oxfam Australia. He has nearly 20 years of international development experience in East Asia, South Asia and East Africa. Wayne has managed a wide range of programs in Cambodia, Timor- Leste, Eritrea and Nepal and provided technical support to programs in Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines. He holds a Master of Environmental Management and has expertise in program design, management, monitoring and evaluation. It will be great to see you all there. Please share with your friends and family to get the word out! Geosciences website: Sydney Ideas page: Registration page:

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