Sweet Water-Wise Walking Tour-- Westside

 30 May
 check Sweetwater website for starting location
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 Barbara Wishingrad
Join Sweetwater in two neighborhood walking tours highlighting water-wise projects at a variety of residential sites! http://sweetwatercollaborative.org/article/sweet-water-wise-walking-tours-westside-may-30-samarkand-june-6 We will be touring six sites on the Westside on Saturday, May 30 from 3:00-6:00pm. Water-wise features include rain gardens, a 1350 gal. rain tank, laundry greywater systems, sheet mulching, soil building, a funnel drain rain catchment, and the beginnings of a food forest. We'll also see vegetable gardens, native gardens, chickens, rooftop solar systems, and lots of fruit trees. At our final stop on the tour, we'll also enjoy a wine and cheese and see a demonstration of a solar water still. Tickets can be purchased for one or both tours at the following prices: One Tour: Both Tours: Individual - $15 Individual - $25 Couple - $25 Couple - $40 Student/Youth - $10 Student/Youth - $15 Groups of 3 or more--$10 each Click on the "Donate" button on the left sidebar on any page of our website to pay by Paypal, or send a check to: Sweetwater Collaborative, 1733 Calle Cerro, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101. Please include your name(s) and an email address when mailing a check. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment and some additional information about the tour(s) you have chosen, including starting address. $2 per person per event will be added to tickets purchased on the date of the tours.

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