06 June
 NK Project
 Elsenstr. 52 - 12059 - Berlin - Germany
 Julian Davis Percy
Pre-sale Tickets available at Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik) Berlin SUTCLIFFE JUGEND English transgressive art unit fronted by Kevin Tomkins (ex-Whitehouse). Started as a Power Electronics act in 1982, quickly gaining a name for itself, before branching out stylistically, creating a distinctive style that drew influence from all manner of genres while keeping true to their roots as a noise act. Members :Kevin Tomkins, Paul Taylor KRUBE. Sound Artist,based in berlin. Working under the Krube. moniker since 1999. Krube. grabs your attention with musique concrète that combines sounds from field recordings ,everyday objects, and non-definable machinery. giving way to the wall into which everything inevitably crashes. If he's to perform at your local venue, leave mama at home and witness. HUMAN LARVAE Active since 2005, Human Larvae has made his mark in mixing multiple industrial subgenres to his own twisted, doom-laden mix of gloomy power-electronics. An obsessive journey through collpasing human relations and spiritual downfalls culminating in an abrasive soundtrack towards a destination unknown DJ Eric Byrne Over 20 years active as Promoter and DJ in the Gothic/Industrial scenes. Played at various clubs and festivals throughout Europe. Regular DJ at Wroclaw Industrial Festival. Organiser of annual Tower Transmissions Industrial Festival in Dresden.

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