Susana Miller Workshops in Minneapolis

 23 May
 Four Seasons Dance Studio
 1637 Hennepin Ave South - 55403 - Minneapolis - United States
 Dance with Lois Donnay
Susana Miller is returning to Minneapolis! She has not taught here since 2001 - the last time she came was revolutionary for the local tango community. Summary of some of the Classes: 1) For all levels and styles; Bioenergetic class (with tango and alternative music) How to make an organic tango that feels and looks natural: Walking: how to dance on one tile. Rythm, how "to hear" with your legs, how to "hear" your own body and your partner's. Parada portenia. Abrazo (there is not an embrace in tango, it is an embrace in life that "goes" to tango. How to avoid pain in your feet. 2) All levels Basics steps are situations. Basics can make a refined tango, and a beautiful navigation. Tango is connection to the music, with your partner and with the hole salon 3) 2 nd level (for tango and vals) MIlongueros lead with hands. A classic sequence in milonguero . A turn combined with sacadas, how to lead it without moving from your tile. How to keep in balance 8 atras and turns. 4) all levels Vals Rhythm back corridas (but in circles) How to keep in balance in 8 atras and turns. Fighting the myth: we lead with hands, 5) all levels Milonga caminada and traspie here and there. How to go from one to the other. All classes can be recorded 5' before ending every class. She will explain in slow camera the steps and technique She invites all the levels for more or less all the classes because whe will go from simple to more complex, so everybody can take them. Saturday at 4 Four Seasons Dance Studio Sunday at Center for Performing Arts, 38th and Pleasant Ave S Grand Milonga Saturday night at Fallout Arts Initiative, 2601 2nd ave s, 8:30 PM Free with a private lessons

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