Surf Club Big Summer Blowout

 29 May
 47 Union Road, Exeter
  - - -
 Exeter University Surf Club
Dear Our Lovely Surf Clubbers, We are delighted (yet sad this year is already coming to an end) to invite you to our very last social and end of year dinner! This year we have had some outrageously good happenings… Record breaking indecent exposure at the no clothes social. A very primal and extremely loud boat race in hobbo green on Longbrook. Connie basejumping Timepiece stairs. Ben Heslop inhaling extreme volumes of cinnamon. Three legged carnage. James Reynolds learning how to surf. The most in demand hoodies Exeter has ever witnessed. A visit from Kim Jong Un. 30 freshers surviving the wrath of skinny dipping in Newquay...on the most dangerous weekend of October. BUCS points galore. Cal vomming on hels. A beautiful love rendition at Urban Underground. Peas drunk from wine glasses. Dan Barlow taking it upon himself to turn Newquay into a late night Parkour adventure. A full moon party in a meadery. Turning the calm city of Agadir into Africas party central Aga Napa. And the most sacrilegious beach game Morocco has ever seen... ...and we would like to thank you all for being such fantastic and messy frothers, and helping make the year as radical as it has been! So, because we’re surf club, and as much as champagne reception in the castle sounds truly spiffing darling… well, it’s just not us… so our end of year dinner will come in the form of a surf club backyard BBQ. This way we can pretend we’ve come straight from the barrels in Bali instead of what’s known as the Bali of England - Polzeath. Those of you joining us for one last surf together (details coming soon) will be taken straight to the BBQ for your free food and drink. Yes, very important in Bali to stay hydrated. We will be supplying burger after burger, hot dog after hot dog and lentils after lentils for the vegetables out there. (JK we will of course source some vegetarian burgers for you true hippies among us). Bringing us nicely on to the theme of the evening… Flower Power. According to Wikipedia, Surf Tribes are most commonly found dancing in erratic ways in an arena wearing tie dye, tassles, headbands, body paint etc etc. And we would like to take surf club back to its tribal roots. There will be free food & DRINK (until we drink it dry, bring back up to get suitably refreshed), surprises, games, signings from Kelly Slater and Bethany Hamilton, and a prize giving ceremony so be sure to come and join us in the festivities! We will of course be leaving the realms of Ben’s House (47 Union Road) for somewhere to get even more refreshed and put the other tribes of Exeter to shame with our wild dance moves. ** More details to come ** Peace and love bro, From your Surf Committee. ✌

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