Support the Congressional Bill to change FAA Hiring

 24 May
 Virtual Event to gain support for the new ATC 2015 hiring bill
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 Moranda Reilly
Whether you are an aviation employee, enthusiast or just the typical American flyer you probably recognize the importance of air traffic controllers in our national airspace system. Unfortunately something has gone gravely wrong in how the next generation of air traffic controllers are hired. I invite you to visit this page and learn more, together we can change the process and ensure this mistake is never made again. For a quick recap of events: How you can help: Join this page for steps on how you can show your support for the new Congressional Bill sponsored by Congressman Randy Hultgren that will change FAA hiring. It takes less than 5 minutes! “The agency’s lack of transparency continues to erode my confidence that it places the safety of our skies as a top priority,” said Congressman Hultgren. “The American people need assurance that conditions and processes in place at the FAA remain safe and security-focused.” For further background or press information contact the association of CTI Are you a CTI grad? Connect with us on and

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