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 01 June
 Hong Kong Island
  - - Hong Kong - Hong Kong
 Julianna Williams
Hey Everyone! Hope that all is well with you as I have been praying. As you know I left for college at Johnson University this year and am happy to say that I have just completed my first semester. I have been challenged greatly by exposure to new thoughts, worldviews, and experiences. As you may or may not know, I have decided to be an English teacher overseas. Johnson has begun to help prepare me for this task, but on top of this preparation I plan to take a trip this summer to Hong Kong. This trip is with ELIC’s Engage program. Here’s some information you may want to know: Who: ELIC (English Language Institute China) has been working in Asia for 30+ years working with the local governments to go into the schools and teach conversational English. This project will be through ELIC’s Engage program, which is a small part of their long-term involvement in Asia. You can find out more about their program on their website: What we will be doing: I will be joining a team of 7-9 college age students along with a group leader. This team will spend three hours each morning in individual classrooms of 20 teenage students working on conversational English skills. After lunch the afternoon is full of high-energy games and activities the group will organise beforehand for their students. Evenings are spent bonding and planning with the team as well as exploring the city together. Where: I will be traveling from Pennsylvania to California, and from California to Hong Kong. Four weeks will be spent in Hong Kong (one week of training, three weeks of teaching,) and one week of exploring ELIC’s long-term work throughout Asia. When: June 18 – July 29, 2015 Cost: $4,200 per team member. This includes: International airfare/travel, medical and evacuation insurance, orientation & debriefing, visas, teaching curriculum, contact with schools, food and housing. Anything raised over $4,200 will go towards airfare from PA to CA, and/or spending money in China. 70% of funds are due May 1, 100% is due June 1. What you can do to help: The main thing that my team and I need is for you to constantly remember us during out trip. We want the children we will be working with to get a lot out of it, we want to well represent ELIC in Hong Kong and everywhere we go, we need our team to be unified, as well as myself and each team member wanting to get the most out of this trip. People back home remembering and supporting us is most definitely our greatest need and most urgent request. Secondly, your financial support is needed. If you are able to assist in that way it is greatly appreciated. If you would like to know more about this trip as it draws closer, please contact me at If you would like to support financially options include: 1. Going to, click “Support an ELIC Teacher, type in my last name than click on my name. OR 2. Use the enclosed “business reply mail” envelope and the Advocate donor card. Thank you for thoughtfully considering supporting this work in Asia. Julianna M Williams

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