Support Music and Fine Arts in Charlotte, NC

 31 May
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 LaLa Unscripted
Hello everyone. We are Brave Entertainment. It is our mission is to provide, promote and support every entity that falls under the umbrella of music, fine arts and entertainment including but not limited to concert promotions, entertainment coordination, song writing and background vocal services. Brave Entertainment currently hosts two monthly events, "The Lyricist's Lounge" (Charlotte, NC) and “The Session” (Indian Trail, NC). These events consist of live music, poetry, open mic and an artist spotlight. Because of these events, we can give local artists, vocalists, and muscians a place to showcase their talents and gain much needed exposure. We are also able to provide select local musicians with an opportunity for paid work. We at Brave Entertainment want to continue to provide a quality place of live entertainment for mature music lovers everywhere. In order to do so we are seeking sponsors and/or donations to help continue to provide these events, as well as future BRAVE Entertainment endeavors.

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