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 17 May
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 Philadelphia Tabernacle Of David
For years, we have dreamed of going to Israel, but felt that we should wait for just the right time that the Lord had for us. We believe with certainty, that this is the appointed time for us to go to the Promised Land. Not only that, but we believe the Lord is sending us on assignment to do what He has called us to do in this hour. We need your support both in prayer and financially! If you believe the Lord would have you sow into this assignment, click on the following link! Thank you for your support! Below is a bit of the back story about what season we are in and how this trip was birthed. A STORY OF MIRACLES The Prophetic Season In late 2013, the Lord began to speak to us about the idea of Jubilee. If you are unfamiliar with this, read Leviticus 25. Verse ten of Leviticus 25 speaks about proclaiming liberty through out all the land and the inhabitants thereof, and is the verse inscribed on the Liberty Bell. We began to see a number of 50 year cycles that the Lord was highlighting and and the number 50 kept popping up. As we held the 50's in our heart, we came to our Pentecost Celebration (the 50th day) of 2014 the Lord added another piece of the prophetic puzzle. Prophet Dale Mast shared that the Lord had shown him a vision that connected Philadelphia, DC and Detroit. Connecting with Pastor Ed Watts and the Plumbline Journey As we held this word about Detroit in our hearts, we were invited just a few weeks later to go to the Detroit area and connect with different ministries there. One of the people that we were going to connect with was Pastor Ed Watts. We had met Ed a month prior and were impressed with his heart and passion for Philadelphia. A few days before we were to go to Detroit, Ed shared with us about a prophetic mandate the Lord had given him. He was to go to certain gates in our nation and drop a plumbline in those gates. Ed shared that he felt that the two of us should bring the plumbline, from Philadelphia, that he would carry to each of these sites. While we were in the Detroit area, James Nesbit also gave Ed 12 golden railroad spikes to hammer in across the country on his journey. We were able to pray over Ed and his family and send them out on the journey along with their local fellowship. Jubilee and Plumbline Sound - Cant Make This Up! While we were with Ed, we taught about the importance of Jubilee and the sound that brings alignment with original intent. Even Ed wasn't aware at that time that much of this plumbline journey would take him along Highway 50 (the Jubilee number). Not only that, but we realized that Highway 50 runs across the nation from Washington, DC to San Francisco and it is called the backbone of America. Furthermore, on the Day of Atonement (the day when Jubilee is declared), we had already planned to be at David's Tent in DC at one end of Rt. 50 and Ed was going to be at The Call Berkley in the San Francisco area at the other end of Rt. 50. We joined together to declare Jubilee and plumbline alignment across the nation and across Rt. 50, 'the backbone of America'. As news of our plans spread, people from all over the nation began to join us! Wow! The Golden Spikes After the Day of Atonement, Ed headed east from San Francisco and drove across the nation. As he went the Lord strategically showed him where to hammer in the railroad spikes that he had been given to prophetically declare the coming of the awakening train. Ed drove the 10th spike in in DC and joined us in Philadelphia where he drove in the 11th spike. That day, we received such favor with some Jewish people and were able to honor the legacy of Haym Solomon (a Jewish financier of the American Revolution). It was truly a sign and confirmation of what the Lord had already spoken to Ed; the 12th spike was to be driven in to the ground of Jerusalem. The Final Leg of The Journey Ed shared with us that he felt strongly that the journey would not be complete until the final spike was placed in Jerusalem. He asked us to consider joining him in the final leg of the journey since we had started the journey with him and the Lord had connected us so powerfully along the way. As we were holding this in our hearts, someone came to me and said that the Lord had spoken to them firmly and clearly that they were supposed to help us procure a plane ticket to fly to Israel this year. We believed this was a powerful confirmation that we were to take this opportunity and this assignment. Pentecost 2015 It is very much intentional that this journey will culminate on Pentecost of this year. This '50' celebration is an appropriate time to go and drop a plumbline in Jerusalem and declare the year of the favor of the Lord. On the Day of Pentecost, we will represent Philadelphia in joining with believers from all around the world in praying through the night for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We believe this is a kairos moment and an appointed time as well as an assignment from the Lord. We go to Jerusalem representing Philadelphia and connecting the purposes of God from city to city. There is more information about the details of the trip, our itinerary and the necessary funds found on this page. We want to include you in this trip as we partner together!

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