Superior Soundness of the Equine Hoof with Dr. Tomas Teskey, DVM

 13 June
 5940 E Sublette Rd, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho 83246
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 Horseman Haven Ranch
Learn why horsemen and women are changing their way of thinking about horse and hoof health, shifting the paradigm, and recognizing what's healthy or diseased directly from noted expert Dr. Tomas Teskey, DVM! Topics Will Include: -Dissection/Discussion of a cadaver leg & hoof from the outside-in -Philosophy -Anatomy/Physiology -Nutrition and Physical Health of the horse -Supplements -Trimming of horses hooves -Pros and cons of shoeing -Normal and Diseased hooves -Self-trimming hooves/feral hooves as sources of information -Physiologic & Rehabilitative trimming -Boots and terrain with regard to movement/exercise -Navicular/heel issues, laminitic issues -Teeth floating addressing incisors before the back teeth -Worming and Inoculations -Tracks used in smaller horse facilities to promote movement -Connection between hooves, teeth, body -Addressing the infinite issues important to Horse Health: Movement, Herd, Forage Clinic Fees: $200/per person for all 3 days or $100/day drop in Contact: Jennie Housley Text: (520) 253-0732 Call: (208) 252-7051

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