30 May
 Kensington Close Hotel
 Wrights Lane, Kensington - W8 5SP - London - United Kingdom
 Mike Graham
Do you want to triple your sales turnover in 6 months? Reason Selling System could be your answer! Potentially the most important topic in business which doesn't get taught to you in University! How to sell any product or service and develop sales channels which generate revenue. Having worked with hundreds of companies, one thing that is obvious to us at MJB is that so many companies out there are very good at what they do- they can deliver their product or service to the highest quality and they have an amazing business structure. So why do they fail and where does it all go wrong? It is in their inability to generate new business at a higher order value! At MJB we want to teach you how to sell your product or service at a higher order value and at an increased volume using a technique called Reason Selling! We have also partnered with 3 of our clients who specialise in helping SME business to grow and multiply their client base to add even more value to you as an attendee! Here is what our clients say about us: On the day, the topics being covered are: How to create and implement an effective sales law of averages to grow your business How to develop an efficient sales process to reduce the journey time for your prospects to become clients Learn how to effectively sell your service/ product without having to over sell How to qualify clients in a systematic fashion and increase conversion by 300% How to grow your network for it to have a positive impact on your net worth The mentality that you and your team need to have to sell successfully How to turn your entire business into a deal machine Selling by adding value - get your prospects to close themselves How to effectively implement a sales plan to grow your sales by 40% in four months How to generate sales via Social media, in particular Linked IN How to implement an effective sales growth model into your company for rapid improvement To date we have: Taken a start-up client from £0 turnover to over £1.3 million in 18 months- Helped a client go from generating 4 leads a week to over 20 per week and quadrupled their sales turnover in 3 months- In a period of 6 months we have helped an international laser eye clinic achieve their best ever month, over £200,000 revenue billed in one month- Increased a digital media company's sales by 39% in 2 months- Helped an employment law firm double their sales channels and increase their sales by 45% in 6 months- We can help your business to implement tried and tested sales systems to help achieve your sales goals! At the end of this fantastic day you will leave with a complete guide on how to quickly boost your sales and generate more money for your company! "Time and money are the most important commodities any business can have, at the end of the day you will know how to empower both of these components to create your own deal making machine!" Michael Graham- Senior Partner at MJB Graham Our guest speakers: Annik Rau - Founder of Pony ExpressAnnik Rau- Founder of Pony Express Annik started PONY Express after she kept feeling stuck and fearful of speaking up about her ideas because they might sound silly to others. She heard and saw hundreds of different pitches in the last years and has helped and delivered training to hundreds of entrepreneurs, knowing how to make you fall in LOVE with pitching & presenting. Companies she worked with got the highly desired investment, accepted on accelerator programmes, winning pitching competitions or went on to speak on TEDx stages. Eve LI- Founder of East Meets West Club East meets West was started just over 18 months ago and has rapidly become the UKs biggest network for entrepeneurs and business owners looking to excercise commercial opportunties in ASIA. Eve is an experienced netwokred with over 15 years experience behind her in various different industries and countries. Her passion for networking and build a network has seen her achieve success across the board and inspired her to take a brave leap into launching Est meets West! She now has over 2000 members in her network after only 18 months and is looking for rapid growth into exciting new markets in 2015! Eve will be speaking on: Your Network Is Your Net Worth – Power of network Why network? How networking can accelerate your career/business? Top traits of Master networker The network secret (mindset/add value/connection) For more information on EMW please go to: Hannah Xu- Tax Adviser from Xceptional Consultancy With some talent in numbers and a burning desire of helping people pay less tax, Hannah founded Xceptional Consultancy one year ago and started selling her services to doctors to help them claim their tax rebate. During the course of developing her own accountancy and tax business, Hannah had a great mentor, Tom Wheelwright, who is Rich Dad’s accountant and the author of Tax Free Wealth. This had a great impact on Xceptional Consultancy’s philosophy – Hannah believes that tax rules are there to help people pay less tax! The way entrepreneurs get richer is not just relying on increasing the sales revenue, but also knowing how to protect YOUR money from being taken by the Taxman in a legitimate way. Hannah is also passionate about helping clients with the mentality of paying less tax – by focusing on adding massive value to the economy, the by product is that the government will incentivise you by granting you more tax breaks! With this in mind, Xceptional Consultancy has grown rapidly – from a sole practitioner with 2 clients to 2 practitioners with more than 25 clients in 7 months time, and is looking forward to a dramatic growth in a foreseeable future. What people are saying about our previous events "MJB Graham is the prototype of the new age service... an expert in their field and adaptable to different audiences and most of all willing to go the extra mile to make the session fulfiling and memorable for their audience." Zameer Nazarali, Employee Relation Consultant "I took the chance to attend one of MJB Graham's workshop and to be honest with you, I thought it was going to be like the other entire workshop that I have attended, telling you what you want to hear and now what can help you. From the moment that Michael who ran the event started speaking, one thing stood out the most, his drive and passion for helping business. His knowledge and expertise on sales and business development processes is comprehensive, which can really help your business grow." Adarsh Shah, Managing Director of Cash Flow Consultancy "This is an absolutely GAME CHANGER- no where will you get something so tangible and valuable. Michael who lead the workshop gave an example based on his experience that you can use to attract new clients and be in your prospects radar. It feels like I have witnessed something remarkable and beautiful." Sunil Francis, SF Web Solutions "Before I attended the workshop, I was still contemplating leaving my job to start the business that has always been my dream. The hold back for me was finding the market in need of my service and gettting them to buy. If you work for a large corporate where jobs are handed to you and you have businesses picking up the phone because they want to work with, you don't have to worry about selling. The workshop gave me the kick in the back side that I needed. To be uplifted and inspired to take a chance and go after your dream, and be given the confidence that you can succeed if you put your mind to it is something that I will always take away from the workshop. I feel incredible privileged to have taken part and be part of a legacy." Tina Riby-Williams, IT Consultant Final extra note: During lunch for anyone who holds a VIP ticket, the speakers will hold an exclusive workshop to help guide them through any bespoke issues related to their field for their business! So it will be a unique opportunity for some 121 time with the speakers! Also all VIP tickets will be treated to lunch too! There will be a great opportunity to network and meet likeminded individuals. From myself and the team, we look forward to seeing you there! Mike Graham Senior Partner @ MJB Graham ''When sales matter we deliver''

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