Suntara Sound Healing Journey - Dangar Island

 17 May
 Healing Heart Space, 36 Riverview Ave, Dangar Island
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 Daniel Coates
** Sold Out ** IMPORTANT: Please note that the event starts at 11am on the Island which means you will have to be at Brooklyn at 9:30am to catch the 10am ferry. Be prepared to make a day of it if you can, the sound healing is in the morning but we plan to stay all day and soak up the magical energy of the island and great company. Bring a dish to share. If you miss the ferry get a Water Taxi: 0422 300 100 I invite you to beautiful Dangar Island on the Hawkesbury River for a Special Sound Healing Workshop. I have always wanted to do a Sound Healing on Dangar Island because it has incredible energy. This will be the first Sound Healing with my new format which is aimed at effectively eliminating limiting thought patterns using intention and sound. Suntara’s Sound Healing journey is a unique experience of the power of sound vibration. Suntara create powerful soundscapes to unblock energy and vibrate your body into a state of well-being and harmony. People report various effects from the session including, complete relaxation, feeling "Clear", reduced pain & stress, restful sleep for the nights after, Altered states of consciousness, Balancing of Chakras/Energy, Clarity / Resolution of difficult situations. Daniel Coates uses his powerful voice to deliver chants from a variety of ancient traditions such as Australian Aboriginal, American Indian, Celtic and various styles of harmonic singing. Crystal Bowls, Gasong Drums, Andean flutes and other instruments are also integral to the experience Investment: $30

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