"Sundogs" by The Campbell Apartment

 31 May
  - - -
 Ari Vais
To get your copy of the 3rd release by indie rockers The Campbell Apartment, visit http://thecampbellapartment.bandcamp.com/album/sundogs, and either procure the Limited Edition (only 400 and then there will be no more) Translucent Gold Vinyl 12" record or download the album digitally. While it is possible to simply stream our new album without purchasing it, or download it for free via numerous torrent sites, this is the honest way to do it that'll allow us to record more DIY records! Same thing with the suggested donation when visiting The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, as opposed to going in for free - both are cool, but the former makes you a supporter of the arts. Not to mention, it's a great little record! Thank you and see you soon at a rock venue near you! xo Ari Vais, Mayya Feygina and Stefan Matthewson

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