Sunday Morning Ecstatic Dance: Embodiment

 17 May
 Tiffany Center
 1410 SW Morrison St Suite 600 - 97205-1930 - Portland - United States
 Krista Herring
What does it mean to be embodied? According to the dictionary, Embodiment is defined as the representation or expression of something; an idea, quality or feeling in a tangible, physical form. An example is when we make art, music or dance: tangible things that come from ideas and emotions. How do you manifest yourself through movement? While we might think of movement as just physical, being embodied is a connection to being present in ones body as well as an integration of mind, emotion, and soul. How do you embody yourself? We each have a unique self that has never existed before and will never exist again. Every moment in the present we have an opportunity to hear and express that self. This week we invite you to embody your unique self through presence and movement. Sunday's DJ will be Chris Browne, with Roxanne Patruznick leading intention. Sacred Circle Dance Every Sunday morning at the Tiffany Center 1410 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR 10:30 warmup, circle at 11, ends at 12:30 Cost: $10, Kids welcome and free

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