Sunburn Arena with Armin Van Buuren : Hyderabad

 05 June
 Hyderabad, India
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 SUNBURN Festival
Tickets live now on BookMyShow : Sunburn Arena brings you the ‘God of Trance’ – Armin Van Buuren for the 1st time in Hyderabad on 5 June. There is only one planet Earth and there is only one Armin van Buuren. Emperor of the Trance scene, lord of the entrancing melodies, one man with an unstoppable passion for his music and his fans, a true innovator. Last time Armin encouraged us to open our minds for coming of the new horizons. Trance music is evolving, there is more to discover, more to be found. It’s as if he was preparing us for next level, the next phase, challenging the worldwide trance community to go on a new and exciting journey into sound. New beats, new tempos, new rhythms and new melodies. It’s time to show the world that the majority of the fans want to move forward. It’s time to let go of the false nostalgia, time to be brave and to look into the future, to grow as a community and to make sure that the Trance scene will once again be the biggest scene the world has ever seen. Armin is leading the way, let us all salute the master and prepare ourselves for Sunburn Arena. Follow us on:

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