Sump Bath 3

 21 May
  - - -
 Keith Vasey
Turn 2 of the refreshing Sump Bath. New players welcome, gangs available to borrow. Scoring as follows: Gangs so far: Brannigans Brawlers, House Goliath-Keith (8) The MFNG, House Van Saar-Alasdhair 0 The Dust Brothers,Nomads-Ant 0 The Green Goddesses, House Escher -3 Purge The Phat, Redemptionists-Justin (10) Dwarf Trekkers, House Van Saar- David Simons -3 Reclaimers, House Orlock- Tim Stringer (-2) Tesla's Thunder-House Van Saar- Alex 0 The Prodigals- House Orlock- Philip (4)

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