Summertime Yard Party

 30 May
 4540 NE Emerson St, Portland, OR 97218
  - - -
 Eli Duke
Hello Frands!! As the summer really starts to kick its shit into high gear, it's high time that we start making the most of every moment. Unfortunately the rivers are still a little too cold, but it's definitely not too cold for lounging around in the sun at a Summertime Yard Party in one of the most glorious yards that Portland has to offer. Srsly. In honor of summertime, yards, and two new housemates: Brooks & Nikki!! But, it's just a yard, right? What's the big deal? Well, this yard will have some awesome yard games available to play while drinking refreshing drinks. Also, lots of blankets for cold-hard chilling. And don't forget all the sunshine that you'll be experiencing on your skin! Oh, the sunshine! If you get too hot or sweaty, there's a pretty sweet garden hose available if you can find someone willing to hose you down. Or, maybe you have a kiddie pool? Bring it! And as the sun begins to fade and that subtle chill of night returns, we will fire up a bonfire and then fire up the projector and watch an outdoor movie. For reals. I already have a fucking fantastic idea for the first outdoor movie of the summer (there will be more!), so bring one of those crazy creek chairs if you can't lie on a blanket for a couple hours while watching a movie. Some combination of the housemates will be at the house all day long, so come early, come late, come often. Feel free to bring whomever you want, along with some snacks and some drinks to share. And there will probably be a grill for the grilling of things if that's your thing.

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