24 May
 Stantonbury Campus
 Purbeck, Stantonbury - MK14 6BN - Milton Keynes - United Kingdom
 Hester Wu
Easy now skatey crew-dem. Myself (Wu-Tang Jam) and the wifey of my derby lifey (Boris!) are organising a tournament celebrating the highlight of our childhood... WRESTLEMANIA '93... obviously Because wrestling. And the 90s. There will be 4 teams playing 2 full bouts each competing for 1st - 4th ranking on the day. Our fantasy tag-teams of brilliance will be: Team Tatanka & Yokozuna Team Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels Team Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage Team Undertaker & Big Boss Man This is a Co-Ed event for intermediate - advanced skaters Tickets will be £25 including T-shirt Any profits will go to a derby travel fund for the 2 pauper twats mentioned above The tournament will be free for spectators to view from the balcony of the Stantonbury Leisure Centre where they NOW SERVE BEER. Come, wear your brightest leggings, eat Nerds, trade Pogs, quote Bart Simpson all day and generally get excited about how great everything was in 1993... MULLETS ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED We are looking for Team Captains/ Vice Captains and Officials. If you are interested drop us a message an ting Listen to this whilst you get excited:] Smell ya later...

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