☼ Summer Zouk Weekend with Ludek & Pavla (Brno, Czech Republic) ☼

 12 June
 studio salsa
 Västmannagatan 46 - 11325 Stockholm - Stockholm - Sweden
 Brazouka Stockholm
For the first time in Stockholm dance school Brazouka are happy to present one of the top Zouk instructors, recognized internationally: Ludek and Pavla! Ludek and Pavla are the founders of the Czech Zouk community in the city of Brno, experienced international teachers and organizers of several Zouk events and congresses every year, under the concept name ZOUKTIME!, such as the week-long summer beach holiday in Croatia. Pavla and Ludek are recognized as highly professional top teachers and Zouk instructors in the world. They are known for their pedagogical and playful teaching skills, putting accent into basic dance techniques, leading & following and musicality. They believe the dance is an amazing way of communication between partners and especially for them dance is simply a life style... They started their dance career as ballroom dancers, specialized in standard dances. They achieved the highest possible - international class and belonged among top couples of the Czech standard scene for many years. Successfully, Ludek and Pavla attended the biggest international cups, won several competitions and became Czech champions in teams. Ludek has also worked as a coach of young talented couples and as a judge of ballroom competitions. After the ballroom career they started dancing, and later to teach, salsa, bachata and other Carribean dances, getting experience at the biggest European salsa congresses. In 2008 they met and fell in love with Zouk, started to learn it and finally opened their zouk classes in Brno. In 2009 they opened their own dance school ”Stolarna”, which became the biggest dance school specialized in Brazilian and Carribean dances in Brno and probably in the whole Czech Republic. ☼ SCHEDULE ☼ FRIDAY 19.00-20.00 – Workshop 1 20.00-21.00 – Workshop 2 21.00-00.00 – Party SATURDAY 11.00-12.00 – Workshop 3 12.00-13.00 – Workshop 4 13.00-14.30 – LUNCH 14.30-15.30 – Workshop 5 15.30-16.30 – Workshop 6 16.30-17.30 – Workshop 7 19.00 – Dinner at restaurant 21.00-00.00 – Party ☼ WORKSHOP CONTENT ☼ FRIDAY ------ Workshop 1 – All levels Leading and following technique for all different levels. Workshop focused on leading/following and partner connection, which probably are the most important concepts in virtually all couple dances, and therefore we recommend all dancers to take this workshop, beginners as well as the more advanced dancers. Workshop 2 – All levels Musicality and dynamics. A workshop about creating a style of the dance according to the music we hear. What does the music inspire us to do? What does it make us feel? In this workshop we will explore different ways of working with the music in order to lift our dancing to a new level. SATURDAY ------ Workshop 3 – Intermediate Head movements are the signature movements of all styles of zouk. Pavla and Ludek will teach us how we can incorporate these into our dance to get a step closer to achieving the “zouk flow”.¨ Workshop 4 - Intermediate What makes the Lambazouk spins different from spins in other dances? This workshop will focus on spinning technique. Ludek and Pavla will explain and show the technique of spins and also give us a sequence to practice the spins on. A valuable technique for every dancer! Workshop 5 – Intermediate/IntAdv RnB-zouk. Pavla and Ludek will introduce Rnb-zouk, a relatively new kind of zouk which is danced to RnB-music and have a different kind of “feel” to it, as well as slightly different footwork. Sequence of steps. Workshop 6 – Intermediate/IntAdv Body shaping. Partner dancing is about moving together with your partner. When we dance together we are constructing “shapes” in unison and this workshop will teach various ways of expressing this concept. ☼ PRICES ☼ ***EARLY BIRD until 17th of May*** FRIDAYPASS including Friday party: 350 kr SATURDAYPASS including Saturday party: 700 kr FULLPASS gives you access to all workshops and party 900 kr Pre-payment can be made on place every Sunday during Brazoukas classes and practica ***PRICES after 17th of May*** FRIDAYPASS including Friday party: 450 kr SATURDAYPASS including Saturday party: 800 kr FULLPASS gives you access to all workshops and party 1000 kr Single workshop: 200 kr Friday party: 80 kr Saturday party: 100 kr Discounts available for groups coming outside Stockholm. Contact us for more information. ☼ ADRESS ☼ Studio Salsa Västmannagatan 46, Odenplan

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