Styles of Blues Intermediate Workshop with Reeva Bradley

 16 May
 The Blues Lodge
  - - Eugene - United States
 Kristin Walker
When the music changes, we draw inspiration to move in a multitude of ways. In this workshop, we’ll explore three popular styles of Blues dancing: Jukin’, Ballroomin’, and Struttin’. You’ll learn how to dance with a partner in each style with quality of movement and some new vocabulary. With these tools under your belt, you’ll be equipped to dance to a wide variety of blues tunes and make the music come alive with your partner. The workshop will be divided into three sections: Jukin' One of the earliest styles, Jukin’ is characterized by isolations and rhythmic movement in place. We’ll focus on vocabulary that uses these elements and dancing in conversation with our partner. Ballroomin' Often danced to slow jazz, ballroomin’ takes up some space with large turns and traveling across the floor. We’ll work on smooth, lyrical movement, adding in fun shapes to fully express the music. Struttin' Struttin’ is a fun and relaxed dance that gets you moving around the floor to upbeat music. Focusing on embrace and variations in phrasing and footwork, you’ll have fun moving around a lot or just a little in this style. This workshop series will take place on Saturday, May 16th at The Blues Lodge (2495 Portland Street). Visiting Instructor, Reeva Bradley will be joining us from The Bay Area - please respect her and your fellow dancers by showing up on time! Cost: $20 in Advance, $25 at the Door. Space will be limited and pre-registration is strongly encouraged. If you have any questions, please contact Kristin Walker or any Crossroads Organizer.

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