Streetpass Leeds: Summer Special!

 07 June
 Tiger Tiger Leeds
 The Light, 117 Albion Street - LS2 8DY - Leeds - United Kingdom
 James Byrne
Its time for our third event folks! To celebrate the start of summer and the release of more excellent Nintendo Games we would like to invite you all to join us on June 7th from 11AM to 5PM at our traditional venue of Tiger Tiger Leeds for the Streetpass Leeds Summer Special! We will be hosting the 2nd Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix Tournament of the year to find our 2nd champion for our Christmas Event Champions final! Additionally as an Event and Streetpass Leeds first we will be hosting our very first Splatoon Game! Though the Rules have yet to be confirmed this will allow any potential buyers a chance to play this ink blasting fantastic take on a normal First Person Shooter by Nintendo before purchasing! Also, as a Streetpass Leeds first, we will be hosting this event in Conjunction with the Capcom fan group Monster Hunter UK: Northern Unite to celebrate the release of Monster Hunter 4 in the UK! Please see below for additional events and rules. ———————————Activities———————————- —————-—--Monster Hunter Joint Event!----------——- The Mystery Event has now been announced! For the first time ever Streetpass Leeds will be working with the group Monster Hunter UK: Northern Unite to bring you a Nintendo/Capcom special event centered around the Newly Released Monster Hunter 4! There will be competitions! prizes and much much more! For further details please see the Northern Unite Event Page via the link below! Facebook Page: Event page: —————-Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix Part 2-----————— This event see’s the arrival of our Second Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix Tournament of 2015! The tournament will be run throughout the day with four players competing per bracket via the MK8 Grand Prix cups! The winner of each bracket will advance to the next round! Rules are as follows: – Any character may be used – Any customization parts unlocked may be selected on the day – Brackets will consist of 4 players – The player in 1st place will advance to the next bracket – Should a draw occur for first place a tie breaker match will be held to decide the winner, this will be a single race on a selected map of our choosing. - To integrate its release into the game all preliminary and semi Final matches will take place using 150CC Karts with the final four utilizing the long awaited 200CC to add a little spice to our finale! Prizes and certificates will be available for the top 3 racers within the tournaments with the tournament champions name being recorded and thus invited to partake in our Christmas Champions final 2015 in order to win a special prize! Happy Racing! —————-—----------------Splatoon------------——————- As a first for Streetpass Leeds, and any Streetpass UK Group, We will be hosting the very first Splatoon Competition! Whilst all details of the games functions/capabilities haven't been released by Nintendo yet we will ensure that Splatoon is present at our event in one form or another to allow you all to unleash Inky Madness upon the world! Rules and Details TBC! —————-—-----------Retro Rampage--------——————- As a Retro Rampage first we will be hosting our first ever......Golden Eye Competition! This 1997 Game will be sure to please any James Bond and Nintendo Fan alike! Place yourselves in the Shoes of Bond or any of his numerous villains! Rules as follows: 1 v 1 Style Tournament Automatic Weapons First to Ten kills advances No Odd-job Allowed —————-—SPL Mario Kart 7 Time Attack——————- We will also be running our ever popular Mario Kart Time Attack! You will endevour to traverse a pre-selected map in a pre-selected car with pre-set modifications in an attempt to set the best time! The Chosen Character, Cart and Map are as follows: Character: Wario Cart: Default Frame, Default Wheels, Default Kite Map: Music Park (Melody Motorway) A Prize will be awarded for the best time! —————-—------------------Raffle---------------——————- The Streetpass Leeds raffle will return, the prizes for which have yet to be confirmed, although we had some amazing stuff last time including vouchers from OK Comics and Traveling Man, both based in Leeds city center! Sadly the awsome ticket hat has now served its purposes and is overflowing…..say hello to the new Drawing Box of Mystery or as he shall now be known….The DBM! —————————————————————————- Other activities may commence on the day of the event itself, Attendee’s are more then welcome to start up a game and request that it be publicized! The events and tournaments are all subject to change. ————————————————— IT DOES NOT COST A THING TO COME ALONG, JUST BE THERE ON THE DAY AND PLAY SOME GAMES! ————————————————— About Streetpass Leeds StreetPass Leeds is part of StreetPassUK. Run by a small group of dedicated, independent Leedsonian Nintendo fans the group’s key focus is to organize and endorse regular social gatherings of 3DS players. Follow StreetPass Leeds on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with events! It can be located at:

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