Street Certified Car Show

 30 May
 Milwaukee Mile
 640 S. 84th Street - 53214 - West Allis - United States
 Patrick Sengyothinh
Street Certified Car Show with open Track Day hosted by SCCA Milwaukee Region. Saturday, May 30th is confirmed! Lock in your calendars this special day! Car show and track day in metro Milwaukee! Bringing you a culture of 2 worlds in one setting. ******ATTENTION****** LOWERED/SLAMMED vehicles. This message is for you. Roll-in for lowered/slammed/trailered cars MUST arrive between 7am-8am OR 11am-Noon to get through the LOW-CAR friendly rear entrance. Due to the track being used afternoon, the rear entrance WILL BE CLOSED TIL 5PM continue racing. The tunnel is the only other entrance after the rear entrance is closed. If you're slammed/lowered and not on bags/hydraulics, YOU WILL SCRAPE! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! We are not liable for any damages to your vehicle or personal belongings. We caution everybody to plan accordingly to come before 8am, or between 11am-NOON, or make the drive through the tunnel slowly! Also, TRAILERS CANNOT GO THRU THE TUNNEL! IT WILL NOT WORK! IF YOU PLAN TO BRING AN OPEN TRAILER, CLOSED TRAILER, MOVING TRUCK, ETC.....YOU MUST GO THRU THE REAR ENTRANCE! YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE! (please share this information with all of your lowered/slammed friends, they must know! Tag them too if you like) ******ATTENTION VENDORS****** Same applies to you if you're bringing extremely low cars! Please arrive before 8am. Please consider traffic time, and setup time. You do not want to look silly still setting up during the start of the car show (12pm) The Car Show starts at 12pm. So please plan to arrive accordingly. If you plan to do track early (less heavy traffic, less spectator crowd), please come early. Sessions starts as early as 8am and will run until 5pm. Please be honest when registering for track. First timers on the track WILL HAVE AN INSTRUCTOR until they feel you are comfortable. ******ATTENTION****** State Fair WILL CHARGE YOU A $5 GATE FEE. We are NOT in control of that, we have no choice. Even all of us staff members for the Street Certified Car Show will be charged that fee. ******ATTENTION****** If you plan on entering the pizza eating contest, you must be onsite and register before 2pm. Eating contest will start at 3pm. There will be 4 groups of 5. The fastest time to finish a 12" pizza will be the winner between the 4 groups. There is no registration fee, anyone can sign up! PLEASE ONLY REGISTER IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT COMPETING, IT'S AN EATING CONTEST! DON'T FREELOAD! Time Slot: Gates open as early as 630am. Track starts at 830am Car show -12pm Pizza Eating contest - 3pm Skateboarding - All Day After Party - Right after award ceremony Do you want to take your car on the track? Below is track gridding and session details. Group 1 – Expert Driver. You have participated in many road course track events. Group 2 – Intermediate Driver. You have participated in at least one road course track event. Group 3 – You have never participated in a road course track event, or you have participated in a limited number of road course track events. New drivers will be provided with some driving instruction. Club Trials – Participants in this class will have their lap times recorded. The top 10 fastest times will qualify for the Time Attack event at 5pm on Saturday. You must be an Intermediate or an Expert driver to register for Club Trials, and a transponder is required. Each session is 25 min long. Four track sessions - $200 Three track sessions - $175 Two track session - $150 One track session - $100 Transponder rental (Club Trials only) - $20 ***Award Update*** 2015 STREET CERTIFIED TROPHY CATEGORIES Note: All categories have a 1st and 2nd place unless otherwise noted. 1. Best Function (Track, drag, drift, race, etc) 2. Best Form (Optimal blend of cleanliness, camber, tire stretch, wheel fitment, ride height, etc) 3. Best Paint (Uniqueness and Cleanliness) 4. Best Bay (Cleanliness, overall modifications, any custom fabrications, overall theme) *****NO DYNO****** 5. Most HP - N/A (Based on vehicles dynoed at the show or with dyno sheet displayed on car) 6. Most HP - FI (Based on vehicles dyno'ed at the show or with dyno sheet displayed on car) ********************** 5 & 6 - Best Beard 7. Best Sound (to be judged by Sounds Mekanix Customs) 8. Best License Plate 9. Best Vendor (Organization, display vehicles) 10. Best Team (Parking, displays [optional], cohesiveness, quality of cars, professionalism, how well the team presents themselves) 11. Best Truck 12. Best Acura/Honda 13. Best Audi/VW/Porsche 14. Best BMW 15. Best GM (Cadillac, Chevy, Buick, Oldsmobile, Saab, Pontiac) 16. Best MOPAR (Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Plymouth, Eagle, AMC) 17. Best Ford/Mazda/Volvo 18. Best Hyundai/Kia 19. Best Nissan/Infinity/Datsun 20. Best Lexus/Toyota/ Scion 21. Best Mitusbishi 22. Best Subaru 23. Best Interior 24. Most Unique (1st Place Only) 25. Most Rare (1st Place Only) 26. Best Prop (Customized kid's cars, wagons, carts, skateboards, etc) 27. People's Choice (1st Place Only) 28. Best in Show (1st Place Only) 29. Best Exotic 30. Best Muscle BIKE CATEGORIES 2015 1. Best Cruiser 2. Best Sportbike 3. Best Motorcycle Paint 4. Best Ruckus (More details yet to come) Also, if you're not following us yet:

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