Strawberry Jam, The Humdingers, AND Jugghead play PORCHFEST!

 16 May
 9 Prospect Hill Avenue, Somerville
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 Jan Marie Music
UPDATE! 3 bands on the bill now, y'all! Specializing in soulful re-imaginings of indie jams and ‘90s tunes, Adam Conner-Simons, Greg Hum, Adam Ribaudo, Luke Walker, and Jan Marie will make music to delight your ears, stir your souls, and, most importantly, spur you to shake your tailfeathers. Because, let’s be honest: what the world needs now are jazzy T-Pain covers and funk renditions of your favorite podcast theme songs. But first, our buds from Jugghead Band are gonna BLOW YOUR MINDS! We're getting this party started ON TIME: 12p - Jugghead 1p - Humdingers 1:45 - Strawberry Jam Feel free to bring goodies and people to share. Anyone who wants to port a grill our way gets extra bevvys. :) For more info, and our exact address, check out the official PorchFest Map!

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