30 May
 Jamestown Community College
 525 Falconer St - 14701 - Jamestown - United States
 Jason Perdue
VISIT JAMESTOWNPRIDE.COM FOR FULL SCHEDULE OF EVENTS FOR THE FIM FESTIVAL!!! As a community we have the ability and responsibility to make a difference in the lives of our children and the well-being of students in our schools. ITS TIME FOR US TO STAND UP AGAINST BULLYING! Join us on May 30, 2015 as the Jamestown Pride Society presents the "STOP THE VIOLENCE" Film Festival at the Jamestown Community College Hamilton Collegiate Center. Watch four informative, inspiring and award winning films including "Out in the Silence" which was filmed locally, along with several student documentaries. Hear the inspiring testimonials of guest speakers. Shop many local vendors with gifts and refreshments on hand. This is a free, all ages event and popcorn will be unlimited! The festival begins at noon and ends at 9pm. For more information and a full schedule of events visit jamestownpride.com. Let's stand up as a community on May 30th to show that we are united in the fight to end bullying! The goal of the event is to educate on the continued issue of bullying within our schools and community and provide resources that exist to battle this problem. As you read this, students in our country are currently being bullied and assaulted while others are contemplating suicide as a way out of the problem. Its time that we stand up and address this by providing options and showing solutions. Doing so will be achieved in the following ways. Through the screening of informative and inspiring award winning films. Through the screening of student films from Jamestown High School, through the educational words of guest speakers such as those who have lived through bullying locally and through the presentations of organizations such as the Western New York Anti-Violence Project that has already made a difference and can do the same in our own community. Infinity performing arts will be providing entertainment at the event along with Guys and Dolls Dance Studio! Many businesses and organizations have answered the call to "STAND UP AGAINST BULLYING" by agreeing to be present for this event where they will be selling crafts, gifts, refreshments or distributing information on their products or services. This is an all ages event! The event runs from noon to 9pm. A full schedule of activities and more information can be found at jamestownpride.com. As a community, it's important that we all stand up together to show that we are united in the fight to end bullying.

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