Stop the Cons - 100% Indy Stop Harper Event - Open Mic and Video

 31 May
 Kelowna BC
  - v1n4s5 - Kelowna - Canada
 Darin Howard
We are continuing the 'Stop the Conservatives' series of public assemblies here in Kelowna, this time downtown at the Sails - in Kerry Park, in downtown Kelowna. We need to save this country, our environment, and our future from the worst series of laws and embarrassing moves on the part of the least transparent or accountable group to be called a 'government'. It's offensive to think that we have to fight our own government, but in order to secure any type of future for our children, or our economy, but we have to band together every group that we can in order to address serious concerns; 1 - The Lack of Transparency and Accountability a government is capable of inflicting on everyone 2 - The Lack of Science or Reason behind Laws and our lack of International Diplomacy 3 – Our Incredible, Massive Deficit and Debt, and the whole-scale destruction of our Environment We have a list of concerns, as I'm sure you do too - so we're starting things off with a discussion surrounding these three issues, and we'll be opening the mic up so that informed local citizens can step and add their voices. We need action now - and you can make a difference just by showing up... ____________________________________ Who: Volunteers and Concerned Citizens What: Stop the Conservatives Rally - Active Microphone Rally Where: Downtown Kelowna - at the Sails at Kerry Park When: Sunday May 31 – 2015 1pm Why: because we need to be organized to beat the Cons How: Using our freedom of assembly as defined by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Speakers & Information Sessions a chance for your voice to count a chance to sign up to volunteer and make a difference contact Radio Free Canada - Facebook & YouTube ____________________________________ be the change you wish to see in the world

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