Stop Tampa Bro Bowl From Being Destroyed

 18 May
 Bro Bowl — Historic Skateboarding Landmark
 North Orange Ave - 33602 - Tampa - United States
 Jeremy Chandler Fahr
The Bro Bowl is a historic skateboarding landmark, not just state wide but country wide! Skaters from all over the world come here to skate the snake runs. The Bro Bowl was first made in 1978 and is a huge and popular attraction to the state of Florida. Now the city of Tampa wants to spend 8 MILLON dollars to demolish the Bro Bowl and the park surroding it! It is completly wrong and fucked up that the state could agree to demolish something as historic as this park is. On the day of its demolishment we all need to gather around the Bro Bowl and put a end to the destruction of this historic landmark! Wether your a skater or not anybody and everybody should come out and help put a stop to this! This message needs to be spread!!!!!

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