Stoner-Rock-Night with Valley of the Sun (US) // Prehistoric Gentlemans Club (GER)

 08 June
 Immerhin Würzburg
 Bahnhofplatz 2 - 97080 - Würzburg - Germany
 Jule Schipper
Einlass 20:00 Uhr!!! Valley of the Sun (US) are a Stoner-Rock-Trio in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ryan Ferrier on vocal and guitar used to play in a stoner band named Blacklight Barbarian before Valley of the Sun where born. Riding the Dunes is a song from their second EP,The Sayings of the Seers. Originally formed in June of 2010, the band started with the intention of pushing the boundaries of Stoner Rock in a new direction. At a time when lo-fi recordings were en vogue, VALLEY OF THE SUN decided to buck the system and go the opposite direction, focusing on a more sleek sound and presentation WARM-UP mit: Prehistoric Gentlemens Club "...Die vier Prehistoric Gentlemen Clubberer, allesamt mit mächtig Banderfahrung in den Knochen, stehen für ziemlich tiefen und groovegetränkten Stoner Rock..." "...Ein Gastspiel ohne großes Geschnörkel. Keine Haken. Keine Ösen. Da stimmt so ziemlich alles. Ihre Soundschnipsel sind roh und kommen massiv..." CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS AND JOIN THE CLUB!!!

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